Cowboy boots are a time-honored Texan tradition going back hundreds of years — and thanks to Austin-based direct-to-consumer Western brand Tecovas, the beloved footwear has been brought firmly into the 21st century. Since launching in 2015, the company has carved out a niche in the market by cutting out the middleman and selling its high-quality, handmade-in-Mexico boots directly to customers online at an approachable price point.

Tecovas quickly earned the nickname “the Warby Parker of cowboy boots,” and like the iconic eyewear brand, it too went on to expand with experience-focused retail stores, starting in its home state of Texas. Cozily outfitted in rustic wood, luxe leather furniture, a full bar slinging beverages and plenty of oh-so-Texan cowhide accents, the brand’s stores embody the warmth and hospitality that Tecovas has become known for.

The Western boot brand first sought out Impak to create custom premium cotton canvas totes that were handed out to the first excited customers at each new store opening. Next up was its lineup of branded shopping bags for in-store purchases, followed by custom Tecovas koozies to accompany the drinks that are offered to each and every store shopper.

While Tecovas continues to expand its retail footprint, the brand’s e-commerce business remains integral to its success — and providing a memorable online shopping experience that reflected its commitment to quality meant that Tecovas had to put just as much thought into its e-commerce packaging.

The brand again looked to Impak when it was time for new poly mailers, which it uses to ship online orders of apparel and small accessories. “We had to figure out: How do we ensure they have a great brand experience, even if they’re just buying a pack of socks?” says Vanessa Wolf,
Senior Product Developer at Tecovas.

The brand was looking to make a switch from its original poly mailing supplier for a few reasons: First, they were craving more opportunities to customize the packaging to ensure a stellar brand experience for online customers. Secondly, its original poly mailers weren’t made from recycled content, which felt out of alignment for Tecovas: “We wanted to put our best foot forward when we rebooted the poly mailers with the Impak team,” Wolf explains.

Partnering with a packaging company focused on domestic production was also a major upside for Tecovas. “With supply chain issues in mind, knowing this element of our packaging could be made right down from the road from our fulfillment center was a huge win for us,” Wolf says.

Alison Anderson, business development manager at Impak, worked closely with Tecovas to design new recycled poly mailers that would feel right in step with the retailer’s artisan approach to making boots. Impak developed a new color of film for the poly mailer that’s exclusive to Tecovas, ensuring a consistent branded experience whether a customer is ordering a pair of socks online or making an in-store pilgrimage to try on boots while sipping a glass of bourbon.

“When a customer sees it at their front door or in their mailbox, they’ll instantly know it’s Tecovas,” Wolf says.

Tecovas celebrates its 7th birthday this fall and the brand has laid the foundation to continue the “rocket ship” growth it’s enjoyed so far, with plans to have 25 retail stores open by the end of 2022 and at least another 10 openings planned for 2023.

Whether customers are checking out its handmade boots in-store while enjoying a cocktail or ordering apparel to be delivered thousands of miles away from its Austin, Texas headquarters, “We want to continue to be an approachable brand where our customers value every part of the experience,” says Wolf. “We’re excited to continue to grow the brand loyalty we’ve established and introduce even more people to the Western space.”

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