Custom bags are walking billboards. Once a shopping bag leaves your store, your brand is exposed to a whole new audience. Distinct packaging accessories, features, and finishing touches like textured papers, vanishing ribbon handles, and Japanese-style bottom folds create an air of artistry and sophistication. The right custom-printed retail bags will tell a story about your company with just a glance. Discover tailored options of stylish custom pouches, as well as reusable garment, duster, and jewelry fabric bags.

Custom Euro Tote Bags with Vanishing Handles
Inverted Bottom Eurotote
Straight Edge Paper Shopping Bag
A-frame Bag
Serrated Edge Paper Shopping Bag
Straight Edge Paper Shopping Bag
Rope Handle Eurotote
Bottom Gusset Paper Shopping Bag
Woven Paper Handle Eurotote

Custom Bags for Brand Packaging

Your one-of-a-kind product packaging must offer optimum visual appeal along with sturdiness and reliability. Exemplify your brand and its values with custom bags that meet your exact specifications. Impress customers with your attention to detail through custom-dyed strap handles, woven cotton vanishing handles, metallic foil hot stamp logos and full-coverage embossing patterns.

Our retail bags are made with sustainability in mind. Stay true to your environmentally conscious values with bags that are fully recyclable, made from 40-95% PCW recycled content, and feature FSC certified paper.

Give your customers a beautifully packaged product or item that fully expresses your commitment to excellence. Encourage a pause, having customers admire the beauty of the bag, building anticipation before revealing its contents.

Why Buy Custom Bags for Your Business?

Effective branding introduces your business to new customers, but it can also strengthen relationships with existing shoppers. For instance, seeing your business’s name or logo can spur a consumer to learn more about your brand and what it offers. For existing customers, a beautifully decorated bag can ignite their passion for your products even further.

Retail bags can be as diverse as the businesses that use them. Front and back panels can be printed with vibrant images that truly distinguish your company from competitors. Other key features include straight edge tops, brass button eyelets, inverted bottom folds, and many additional details. Every patron that exits your store will carry along a valuable marketing tool that can help more and more people discover your business and what it offers.

Impak Retail is dedicated to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers. To learn more about what we offer and find out why our clients are so satisfied, contact us today.