IMPAK 360: Custom Packaging Services

With comprehensive custom packaging services designed to meet all your needs and a holistic approach that begins with the end in mind, we walk you through every phase of the packaging life cycle—from ideation and development through project management and delivery.

Packaging is your first impression—your first opportunity to delight your customers and tell your tale. No two brands are exactly alike, which is why we help you move beyond cookie-cutter boxes to create custom packaging that conveys your brand story in a beautiful, tactile way.

Successful packaging development services deliver a final product that aligns with your vision and goals. Our packaging research & development services are as practical as they are powerful and pleasing to the eye.

  1. Field Work & Discovery

    What are industry leaders and competitors doing with their packaging? What does your target audience value? If you don’t have all the answers, we’re happy to find them for you to discover insights that will elevate your brand.

  2. Material Development & Global Sourcing

    Where can you find high-quality raw materials at the best price? Which countries are leading in fair labor practices and sustainability efforts? With 40+ years in the business, we’re always on the pulse of the optimal sourcing strategies.

  3. Cost Optimization

    The best packaging provides savings efficiencies leading to a holistic approach to your packaging program. From automation that reduces labor to cushioning that reduces damaged good returns, we explore every possible avenue to optimize your costs.

Creative packaging services might mean weaving your brand elements into the packaging details or heightening curiosity by expanding touch points and introducing new layers to the unveiling process. Our creative packaging services are designed to exceed expectations.

  1. Brand Concept & Application

    The brand concept includes everything from your name, tagline, and logo to your fonts, color schemes, and illustration style. It ties your values and market research together, breathing life into your brand with every touchpoint.

  2. 3D Renderings

    We want you to know exactly what your packaging will look like before it rolls off the presses. 3D renderings allow you to customize and approve designs to your precise liking and ensure that your packaging will delight the recipient’s imagination.

  3. Prototype Samples

    When you have many shareholders, tangible samples can make a splash at the next meeting. See how the prototype goes over at the next trade show or test the structural integrity for yourself before committing to a product that doesn’t speak to you.

From graphic designers to engineers, our collaborative team brings you a proven process based on decades of retail and e-commerce packaging design and manufacturing experience. So you can be confident your orders will arrive to specification and quality standards.

  1. Dieline & Template Development

    Each project contains art time for the creation of die lines and templates, technical revisions, and preflight of art files for factory release. These “blueprints” ensure the technical specifications for your production are met in full.

  2. Packaging Artwork Proofing

    Proofing is a vital part of the process to ensure transparency, error-free printing, and a project that’s within scope. As our client, your satisfaction is paramount to our success, so take your time and feel free to suggest edits.

  3. Production Optimization

    Packaging optimization involves selecting the right material types and amounts. When storing in warehouses or shipping to retailers, optimizing product packaging count and size ensures efficiency.

  4. Sustainable Packaging

    Join the sustainable packaging movement. Choose from SCS-certified eco-friendly packaging materials like OceanPoly® or RethinkPoly™ to clean up beaches, recycle, and reuse post-consumer waste—without sacrificing look, feel, or durability. Discover how Impak’s industry-leading sustainability solutions can benefit your business.

We test and develop forward-thinking solutions to help your product packaging meet the highest global standards so your business can avoid delays, loss, and reputation damage. Find out how Impak can help streamline your packaging testing & quality control efforts.

  1. Prop 65 Testing & Compliance

    In California, apparel, eyewear, toys, cosmetics, furniture, electronics, and promo items must provide a “clear and reasonable” warning when consumer packaging materials contain certain carcinogens and reproductive toxins.

  2. SGS, BV, or TÜV Rheinland Performance Testing

    We work with the world’s most respected third-party testing and inspection organizations—SGS, Bureau Veritas, and TÜV Rheinland—to audit, test, and maintain the highest level of packaging safety and performance.

  3. Pre-shipping Inspections to AQL Standards

    Importers worldwide use Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL standards) when inspecting for defects in everything from clothing to medicine. We take care of the process for you by setting standards for every shipment.

We handle all the Third-Party Logistics (3PL) details so you can focus on what you do best. From inventory support, kitting, and labeling, to storage, transportation, and shipping optimization, our experienced 3PL contract packaging team has you covered.

  1. Kitting

    From custom PR kits to specialty client engagement shipments, when multiple components need to come together to complete the presentation of your final package, Impak can help. Reach out to us with estimated volumes so we can help you complete the task that lies ahead; our support doesn’t stop at development and production alone.

  2. Produce & Pack

    As orders come in, we help you get them produced, packed, and shipped in the most efficient manner. This process might include custom barcodes and labeling applications, inner and master pack case build-outs, and split shipments.

  3. Carton Labeling Per WMS Requirements

    A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is only as good as its labels. We ensure all products are clearly labeled to your WMS specifications, so they can be scanned, tracked, and recorded accurately and efficiently.

  4. Warehousing & Storage

    We can provide or help you find short or long-term warehouse and storage space for your items if necessary. This can be especially crucial for food and beverage packaging—where the last mile counts toward the bottom line.


We understand how structural packaging design and manufacturing factors impact your overall program investment. With innovative packaging logistic solutions, you can reduce product damage, improve freight utilization, and raise the bar higher with your sustainability goals.

  1. FCL & LCL Ocean Shipments

    We’ll help you determine whether you need a Full Container Load (FCL) or Less Than Container Load (LCL) for ocean transport and how to flow in goods to ensure receipt by critical need-by dates.

  2. Importation & Customs Clearance

    We work with experienced customs brokers to take the importation process off your shoulders, including product classification, tariff schedules, and any post-entry review.

  3. Local Delivery & Air Cargo Shipments

    We know that some of the best-laid plans can occasionally run into unforeseen obstacles. We leverage relationships with local delivery and air cargo shipment providers to help make your shipping process as smooth as possible.


While just a phone call away, our presence is far-reaching. With a long-standing manufacturing presence in each of the territories below, our unique skillset transcends geographic boundaries and delivers reliable results.

Frequently Asked Questions

The magic begins with a consultation to determine your needs and provide a tailored overview of our services.  We take you through a collaborative journey of discovery, research, design, production, and delivery. Through careful consideration of your brand personality, target audience, competitive environment, and feasibility, we help you achieve all your packaging goals. Our team may begin with standard art setup or design exploration with loose renderings of 1-3 concepts. From there, we can take you through a custom visual packaging story, which includes collective brainstorming, visual decks of 3-5 product renderings with packaging suggestions, and up to 2 rounds of revisions.

We can do it all for you—from conceptualization to production. If you’re a startup, launching a new product, or looking for a refreshed image, these are the moments when custom packaging services really shine. Work with our team of talented creative designers to develop impactful designs unique to your company. Alternatively, some clients come to us with their own artwork or a particular design concept in mind. We can also work with in-house teams to bring your ideas to fruition, taking special care to ensure quality and meet all printing specifications.

When time is of the essence, you can count on us to do everything we can to honor your milestones and deadlines for prompt delivery. Typically, a semi-custom packaging process takes 4-6 weeks from the time of approval. Lead times can vary—up to 8 weeks for domestic or 14 -16 weeks for imported packaging. The holiday season can add to the lead time, so we recommend planning ahead. If you’re new to the process, no worries: our team specializes in working with businesses to determine realistic production timelines for packaging rollouts.

Every custom packaging design experience is different. The cost is based on the project scope, proofs needed, type and quality of, quantities , amount of revisions requested, and shipping costs. Based on our initial consultation, we will provide a strategy to meet your goals.