Custom Boxes

Bring a touch of in-store ambiance and flavor to the at-home unboxing experience with custom boxes featuring a wide range of styles and constructions. We'll help you create a unique wow factor in your product packaging that instills brand recognition and inspires customer loyalty. Level up your product presentation with flexible styles that support a broad range of uses: 2-piece rigid boxes, drawer boxes, folding cartons, rigid collapsible boxes, custom die-cut product inserts - and many more options that showcase creative thinking for your packaging needs.

Exposed Cuff 2pc Rigid Box
Hidden Cuff 2pc
Rigid Box
Litho Laminated Corrugated Box
Rigid Collapsible Box
Explosion Box
Rigid Drawer Box
Magnetic Closure Rigid Collapsible Box
Drawer Box with Insert
Nesting Rigid Boxes

Custom Boxes for Brand Packaging

Custom boxes are a packaging solution tailored to your product and brand.

A stunning custom box from Impak is the perfect way to both protect your products and catch the eye of consumers. We offer a wide range of unique design elements and packaging accessories that you can incorporate into your brand story. Spot UV logos, metallic foil hot stamped logos, satin ribbon pulls, magnetic closures, and custom die cut inserts for specialty products such as wine bottles and drinkware are some of the ways boxes take on their own unique signature. From nesting explosion boxes to pull-out drawer boxes, you have multiple options for size, construction and finishing.

Protect fragile goods and tell the story of your brand with unique specialty packaging. Our packaging is made to be sustainable, using recyclable content whenever possible and working within product parameters to provide right-sizing to further reduce our environmental impact.

Custom Boxes to Enhance Your Product

With ecommerce remaining lucrative and the most popular shopping alternative, the need for attractive and durable packaging has never been greater. Our custom packaging for products will help make your customers feel special and valued, receiving a gift that avoids any consideration of being returned.

Make a memorable first impression on your customers when they discover product packaging that communicates value, craftsmanship, and intrigue, capturing the imagination of all that see it. 

Retail, e-commerce, food and beverage, consumer goods, home-health wellness, and subscription based industries can all use custom boxes and strategically engineered inserts to boost the visibility and appeal of their products.

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