Custom Packaging Products

The spectacular unveiling of a product is a customer experience that sets remarkable brands apart from the pack. We’re here to help you get the most out of that “big reveal” moment by developing thoughtful and well-executed packaging programs through a wide range of product types.

Professional Packaging for Products

Understanding that successful brands outshine their competition with packaging that is designed to uniquely reflect their personality and values, we help you put your best foot forward by supporting your broad range of needs and uses. With our vast portfolio of work and variety of clients, we’ve demonstrated our commitment to detail, craftsmanship and innovation by creating complete packaging solutions that have exceeded expectations.

The right creative packaging partner can help your brand’s story and vision spring to life through memorable unboxing experiences that instill customer loyalty and grow repeat business. If you are interested in learning more about who we work with and how we work, head over to our clients page to see a select list along with case studies and testimonials.

We want customers to know it’s you the moment they see your custom packaging on their doorsteps.

Maybe it’s the eco-friendly poly mailer that arrives with your brand’s familiar logo and colors, evoking your in-store experience and taking them back to their last visit.

Or perhaps it’s the holiday gift cards that arrive in miniature fold-over envelopes featuring stunning photography, carefully coordinated colors, luxurious gold foil logos, and a bonus journal gift tucked inside the soft crinkle of paper.

Your customers came to you because they wanted the very best. Give them a leading-edge, tactile experience that reminds them of all the reasons they first chose to purchase your products.

What impression does your packaging make?

We know you bring your core values to every aspect of your business. The packaging and presentation of your products should be no exception. Optics are important, and you want to make an impactful first impression with your customers that fundamentally defines the specialness of your brand, whether it’s luxe and sophisticated, rustic and playful, or anything in between.

At Impak Retail, we make the customized design of your retail bags and shipping packages easy and enjoyable, with creative brainstorming, proofing, and sampling, followed by premium manufacturing that delivers on our promise.

We understand that today’s customers expect end-to-end sustainability, which is why we are committed to using recycled content and other materials in our packaging solutions that have a minimal environmental impact. Accountability is important to us, and we design products to be reusable and curbside recyclable.

Let’s collaborate! Reach out today to see how we can help you develop innovative packaging ideas.