As your product assortment grows, so does the opportunity for branded elements. Packaging accessories such as hang tags, seasonal pre-tied ribbons and bows, gift card holders, receipt envelopes, thank-you cards, hangers, kits and gift cards included with every purchase can elevate the value of every brand.

Your products are the star of the show, but like backup dancers at a concert, custom-branded trim and packaging accessories can further enhance the unboxing experience. The right custom packaging products can inspire customer goodwill and create the desire for more of your company’s great offerings, helping to ensure future business.

Custom Ribbon, Tissue & Beater Dyed Hang Tags
Laser Cut, Foil Stamped Gift Card Holder & Shirt Hanger
Custom Branded Garment Bag, Pant Hanger & Gift Card Holder
Bamboo Drawstring Duster Pouch; Embossed Note Cards & Envelopes
Pre-Tied Ribbon & Bow; Custom-Printed Tissue, Tags & Simplex Folding Box
Stitched Product Cards; Perfect Bound Journal

Custom Packaging Accessories for Retail & Ecommerce Products

Branded packaging accessories for clothing and garments help bring some in-store atmosphere to your customer’s at-home ecommerce unboxing experiences. Adding refined, visually inventive details to the unboxing experience validates the customer’s decision to buy your products and reinforces the expectation of quality and personal attention in connection with your brand. This in turn instills customer loyalty and repeat business.

A custom-branded garment bag is perfect not just for protecting items while they are being transported, but as a way for customers to safely store their clothes when they aren’t wearing them.

Customers will be grateful that you went the extra mile to provide them with convenient accessories such as shirt and pant hangers, saving their clothing from unsightly wrinkles or creases and reminding them of your brand every time they go to put on their favorite outfit. Our accessories can match any brand’s aesthetic!

Create a Consistent Brand Experience with Retail Packaging Accessories

The right embellishment or addition is all it takes to upgrade your unboxing experience. Stylish accessories like ribbons and tissue paper can be an opportunity to add brand messaging to your company’s packaging, as well as enhance the sense of discovery and sophistication that your customer experiences when they receive your products.

Note cards and gift card holders are not only easy to include in any packaging solution, but are the perfect way to thank customers for their purchase, include some sort of personal message or extra background information about the product and encourage future purchases. Impak Retail can craft the perfect packaging accessories to go with your products. Reach out today to get a quote or to request more information about how we can help you create a consistent brand experience with our custom packaging services and solutions.