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Custom Folding Boxes

Your packaging is an extension of your products and services, and it has a bigger job than you may realize. It needs to safely carry products home from wherever they originate, convey your brand message, remind your customers of a pleasurable experience, and inspire repeat business.

For many business owners, choosing and designing the ideal packaging is a big responsibility best left to the experts. When the order calls for custom folding boxes, Impak Retail is who they call.

Custom Folding Carton Boxes for Everything from Individual Products to Mailers

How your products appear on your actual shelves (or virtual ones) is the first chance to get your customer’s attention. Whether it’s the folding cartons that house your products, the rigid boxes you use in display and promotions, or the sturdy corrugated mailer boxes that transport your products to their final destination—your packaging needs may require more folding box options than you anticipated.

Working with Impak opens up a new world of customizable design features, materials, shapes, sizes, and sustainability options for your folding boxes.

Folds & Features

Custom Folding Carton Boxes

Impak believes in providing customers with folding cartons that excel in both form and function. How the box is folded not only creates a distinctive look, but also relates directly to weight. For example:

Straight Tuck Ends (suitable for light to medium-weight products)
• Reverse Tuck Ends (ideal for light to medium-weight products)
• Seal Ends (ideal for medium to heavy-weight products)
• One-piece tucks (ideal for heavy products)

Collapsible/Foldable Rigid Boxes

Collapsible boxes are foldable by nature as they easily spring into shape ready to house products. Customize your retail boxes with decorative and functional features such as:

• Custom inserts to hold your product securely in place.
• Window cut-outs to entice customers with a peek inside the package.
• Ribbon pulls. Often used with sliding drawer boxes as a way to open the box.
• Magnetic closures for a satisfying unboxing effect.

Finishes for All Custom Folding Boxes

Custom folding boxes for retailers come in so many forms, but finishes are mostly universal. Among our many options, we like to incorporate features such as:

• Foil stamping
• Metallic inks
• Embossing
• Ribbons and bows
• Soft-touch finishes
• Gloss and matte lamination
• Satin coatings
• and whatever else we can dream up together!

Captivating Customers with Custom Folding Box Packaging Designs

Impak Retail strives to always create aesthetically pleasing and durable packaging solutions that convey your brand’s story with style and sustainability. For over 45 years, we’ve set a gold standard for delivering awe-inspiring designs with masterful logistics.

Follow the link to learn more Impak Retail and let’s start get to work on your next packaging project.

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Custom Garment Bags

When customers invest in specialty pieces, it’s always nice to present them with a way to keep it pristine. Eye-catching custom packaging keeps current customers hooked, boosts brand awareness, and inspires other to explore your merchandise.

By partnering with the packaging design team at Impak Retail, your customers can carry their purchases out your door in sleek style. Let’s talk more about the range of design options, the public appeal, and the impact of adding custom garment bags to your retail packaging collection.

Elevate Your Brand Narrative with Custom Garment Bags

While your apparel commands the spotlight, custom-branded trimmings and packaging accessories serve as the supporting cast, enhancing the allure of your product line. Our range of materials and finishes allows for virtually limitless design options. Together, we can create a unique custom garment bag that you’ll be proud to send home with your customers.

Lightweight Luxurious Materials

At Impak, we have access to the most durable and highest quality materials commonly used in garment bag construction. Specific materials and weaves include:

● 210D Polyester
● Recycled Spunbond PET
● Cotton
● Non-woven PP

Depth of Printing & Finishing Capabilities

Your team has spent years building and refining a recognizable brand. We build on your work down to the smallest details so that your message easily translates to all your product packaging. Our designers can recommend printing options from spot printing and silk-screening to foil stamps and embroidery.

Finishing Touches

Luxurious finishes are the difference between a garment bag that gets tossed in the trash and those that get a permanent place in the closet. Enhance the functionality and style of your garment bags with finishes like:

● Pockets
● Carrying Handles
● Grommets for Hanging
● Snaps
● Reinforced Stitching

Exceptional Packaging Durability

Crafted to withstand the rigors of transportation and storage, custom garment bags offer exceptional durability to ensure your garments remain pristine from factory to wardrobe. With reinforced seams and sturdy materials, rest assure that your customers clothing investments will be shielded from wear and tear throughout their journey when developing garment bags with Impak Retail.

Seamless Integration with Sustainable Practices

At Impak Retail, we prioritize sustainability in every aspect of our operations. Our custom garment bags are no exception. From eco-friendly materials to responsible manufacturing processes, we are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint. Partner with us to seamlessly integrate sustainable practices into your brand’s packaging, demonstrating your dedication to both quality and planet-conscious initiatives.

A Collaborative Design Process

Our creative process begins with our curiosity and ends with your satisfaction.

Step One: Consultation and Discovery

In an initial discovery call, we delve into your packaging needs, considering factors such as product specifications, target audience, and branding.

Step Two: Prototyping and Production

We present you with drawings and samples of custom garment packaging solutions for feedback. Your critique fuels our refinement process. Once approved, we proceed to pre-production sample development.

Step Three: The Big Reveal

Your custom garment bags with logo are primed to make their debut to your loyal clientele and the wider world. Leave the logistics to us as we handle shipping, ensuring a seamless delivery experience.

Impak Enhances Your Brand Packaging

Custom garment packaging is a vital accessory for enhancing customer satisfaction and brand recognition. Armed with cutting-edge designs and decades of industry expertise, Impak Retail empowers brands to create packaging solutions that epitomize their identity. From bag design to order management, and shipping logistics, partnering with Impak Retail guarantees a streamlined journey from inception to realization.

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Custom Sleeve Boxes

How you package your products matters whether you’re selling them on the shelves or online. Improve your brand’s unboxing experience with the added elegance of custom packaging sleeves. Impak’s designers are excited to take your most ambitious creative ideas from the dream stage to the reality of beautiful packaging that customers can touch and admire.

Create Sleeve Boxes That Stand Out

Custom sleeve boxes add a needed layer of protection around your products, reinforce your brand
values, and improve your curb appeal.

Impactful printed sleeve packaging starts with quality materials that give your product line a specialty look and feel. An intentional and aesthetic packaging sleeve with your company’s branding can become instantly recognizable. No matter your logo, desired shape or size, and preferred materials, Impak’s options for customization are limitless.

Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes don’t have to have rigid design restrictions. Impak offers a range of luxurious finishes like matte or gloss coating, foil stamping, spot gloss UV, and other customizations that catch the eye and motivate shoppers to add to their cart.

Corrugated Boxes

Custom packaging sleeves made out of corrugated board are a safe and stylish bet for heavier products, perishable goods, or items expected to go through a long shipment process. Wine bottles, delicate cosmetics, and other fragile products can all benefit from this kind of protection.

Folding Cartons

Impak’s folding cartons made of thin, flexible linen stock or kraft paper are an affordable option for brands looking for a custom packaging solution for lightweight products like candies or cookies.

Are Custom Sleeve Boxes Right for My Product?

Custom sleeve boxes are a stylish and simple way to give your packaging a luxurious look. Many industries leverage packaging sleeves for their protective structure, ease of shipping, and endless customization options.

Jewelers, for example, may use rigid stock sleeve boxes with custom foam inserts to protect and promote delicate treasures like earrings and rings.

Sleeve boxes are also an excellent way to elevate custom food packaging. Impak has many food and beverage clients, like confectioners, that leverage secure-fit packaging sleeves made from sustainable materials to deliver their treats and delight their customers.

Other products that can benefit from secure-fit packaging sleeves include:

• Cosmetics
• Supplements & Wellness Products
• Glass/Ceramic Housewares
• Spirits & Cocktail Kits

Add More Appeal to Your Packaging with Impak

We are proud to help stylish brands make their mark with innovative and inspired unboxing experiences. From conception to completion, more than 45 years in the retail packaging industry means we deliver unmatched expertise and unrivaled customer service–you could say Impak is the full package.

If your current packaging partner hasn’t been living up to your expectations, upgrade to Impak today.

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Custom Packaging Inserts

We can all agree receiving damaged product is a huge disappointment. With a rise in online shopping and home delivery needs, a strain has been placed upon carriers, but it’s not always a situation of shipper neglect. We want to ensure your customer doesn’t find fault within the brand. Don’t jeopardize customer satisfaction by cutting corners in development.

Package inserts are a critical component for safely transporting fragile products through various shipping channels. The design consultants at Impak Retail help brands design custom package inserts and inlays to accommodate for size, weight, and fragility when shipping individual or multiple items within a box.

Custom Box Inserts Elevate Product Presentation and Perceived Value

Many times a package that needs an insert is one that requires delivering multiple items, with different end uses, at a single moment. Our approach is to fully understand the transaction that you are seeking to establish with your customer. For example, an introductory kit of healthcare supplements would benefit from a design which incorporates a continued storage solution for those supplements, easily removable and transferable to a pantry, in addition to a packet for welcome materials and recipes or even a recessed tray for a branded water bottle. The approach to compartmentalized construction is necessary because each piece will live in a different space within your client’s home. The outer box, while a critical delivery method, will likely be repurposed.

In contrast, an insert strategy for a jewelry set including earrings and a necklace requires a different approach. The box itself has a high probability of staying within your client’s home. It may end up in a bureau or accessories cabinet drawer. The exterior finishing, texture and hand feel should stand apart. The way the insert is designed, with ribbon pull tabs for easy handling and positioning, along with padding and protective textiles to prevent any scratches or even reduce potential for tarnish, is a way to extend added value to your product.

Custom packaging inserts offer a chance to stand out from competitors, reinforce your brand’s elite quality standards, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Packaging Inlay Materials

There are several options to explore when designing a custom insert. One of the most influential factors in determining the appropriate material is the product itself. Weight, size and even the order volume can help our consultants narrow down the best paths for development.

Foam Inserts

Foam inserts are an incredibly malleable insert solution. They can satisfy the most snug of fitting requirements while simultaneously avoiding any scratching or scuffing of products. Often foam inserts can be finished or covered with textile materials to enhance their aesthetic and blend seamlessly to other elements of the package.

Cardboard and Paperboard Inserts

Corrugated cardboard and paperboard inserts are an economical way to separate items which are more durable. These inlays can be customized with full-color litho-labels or feature reverse out printing, allowing the white kraft finish to act as a second color. Specific fluting will vary based on product weight and overall box size.

Molded Inserts

Depending on order volume, molded paperboard is another way to satisfy the need for a snug-fitting insert. Without incorporating any additional lining materials, a molded paperboard insert would be curbside recyclable and a disposal-friendly packaging component for customers.

Stand Out with Custom Packaging

The marketplace is more competitive than ever, which means that business owners must provide excellent customer experiences to attract and keep clients. Raising the standards of your shipping game and unboxing experience is an excellent way to accomplish both goals.

Impak Retail is standing by, ready to help design and fulfill all of your custom packaging needs from corrugated boxes with packing inserts to Euro Totes and canvas bags. Contact us when you are ready to get started.

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