Corrugated Mailer Boxes

Custom corrugated shipping boxes are a sturdy, cost-efficient way to package your products and a great way to immerse your customers in your brand’s identity before they review their merchandise. Featuring interior printing and a branded exterior, these boxes are a chic and secure way to send your products through any shipping channel.

What Are Corrugated Mailer Boxes?

“Corrugated” describes the shape of the protective layer of cardboard sandwiched between the outer and inner flat pieces of the box. Also known as “fluting,” its job is to reinforce the strength of the box, making it ideal to send directly through the mail. The thickness of the fluting will depend on the anticipated use of the packaging itself.

At Impak Retail, our designers build custom corrugated mailer boxes for brands looking to make a memorable first impression. By collaborating with our clients from the start, we fully customize mailers according to size, color, desired coating, inserts, and finishes.

We work with you to make sure your brand image is fully reflected in your shipping box as well any other custom boxes, shopping bags, totes, and packaging you need. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and ensure you stand out on delivery day.

How Can I Use Corrugated Mailer Boxes?

Corrugated packaging is indispensable in the e-commerce sector. They are also commonly used for sending custom PR kits, like subscription-style merchandise, promotional items, and corporate gifts.

The corrugated mailer box serves so many functions: protection, brand communication (think of it like an in-home billboard of sorts) a point of building anticipation and surprise, an opportunity for personalization, and with well-designed inserts, a leader in directing a specific order of unboxing and product reveal.

High Performance and High Impact Custom PR Boxes

Partner with Impak to design a shipping box your customers won’t soon forget. As our client you will enjoy benefits such as:

• Stunning presentation: Your custom mailer boxes can be designed to feature your unique logo, product and sustainability information, and specialty finishing treatments for maximum impact.
• Ease of shipping and storage: Corrugated boxes are shipped to you flat to reduce costs, streamline your shipments, and maximize your storage space.
• Quick assembly: Many mailer boxes are self-locking for easy closure. When the boxes are ready to load and send, simply fold the flaps, slide the tabs into place, and your merch is out the door.
• Sustainable materials: Impak uses recyclable materials in our packaging wherever possible. We are proud members of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition®.
• Various sizes: From the smallest product to the largest, these boxes can be custom-made to fit it all. Appropriate size packaging saves shipping costs while also providing better optics and less waste. Ask us about designing a configurable option to accommodate various sizes of inventoried merchandise.

Customize Your PR Boxes with Unique Materials, Coatings and Finishes

Impak guides you through the customization process so that you can design a mailer box that will impress your clients and maintain the products in the same shape as they left your facility. That starts with the materials used to construct the box itself.

Corrugated mailer boxes can be made of:

• Standard White Corrugated Cardboard. Economical and unfinished, this material is a very popular choice that is just as sturdy and sustainable as its upgraded versions.
• Premium White Corrugated Cardboard. Clay-coating gives this option a great sensory experience.
• Kraft Corrugated Cardboard. Perfect for a natural approach and for brands that have a dark color palette.

Tell A Better Brand Story with Custom PR Boxes from Impak Retail

End-point presentation is everything. Make your shipment stand out with the most memorable unboxing experience you can provide. Corrugated mailer boxes are just the start of our packaging solutions. Ready to learn more? Let’s chat!