Custom Folding Boxes

Your packaging is an extension of your products and services, and it has a bigger job than you may realize. It needs to safely carry products home from wherever they originate, convey your brand message, remind your customers of a pleasurable experience, and inspire repeat business.

For many business owners, choosing and designing the ideal packaging is a big responsibility best left to the experts. When the order calls for custom folding boxes, Impak Retail is who they call.

Custom Folding Carton Boxes for Everything from Individual Products to Mailers

How your products appear on your actual shelves (or virtual ones) is the first chance to get your customer’s attention. Whether it’s the folding cartons that house your products, the rigid boxes you use in display and promotions, or the sturdy corrugated mailer boxes that transport your products to their final destination—your packaging needs may require more folding box options than you anticipated.

Working with Impak opens up a new world of customizable design features, materials, shapes, sizes, and sustainability options for your folding boxes.

Folds & Features

Custom Folding Carton Boxes

Impak believes in providing customers with folding cartons that excel in both form and function. How the box is folded not only creates a distinctive look, but also relates directly to weight. For example:

Straight Tuck Ends (suitable for light to medium-weight products)
• Reverse Tuck Ends (ideal for light to medium-weight products)
• Seal Ends (ideal for medium to heavy-weight products)
• One-piece tucks (ideal for heavy products)

Collapsible/Foldable Rigid Boxes

Collapsible boxes are foldable by nature as they easily spring into shape ready to house products. Customize your retail boxes with decorative and functional features such as:

• Custom inserts to hold your product securely in place.
• Window cut-outs to entice customers with a peek inside the package.
• Ribbon pulls. Often used with sliding drawer boxes as a way to open the box.
• Magnetic closures for a satisfying unboxing effect.

Finishes for All Custom Folding Boxes

Custom folding boxes for retailers come in so many forms, but finishes are mostly universal. Among our many options, we like to incorporate features such as:

• Foil stamping
• Metallic inks
• Embossing
• Ribbons and bows
• Soft-touch finishes
• Gloss and matte lamination
• Satin coatings
• and whatever else we can dream up together!

Captivating Customers with Custom Folding Box Packaging Designs

Impak Retail strives to always create aesthetically pleasing and durable packaging solutions that convey your brand’s story with style and sustainability. For over 45 years, we’ve set a gold standard for delivering awe-inspiring designs with masterful logistics.

Follow the link to learn more Impak Retail and let’s start get to work on your next packaging project.