Custom Garment Bags

When customers invest in specialty pieces, it’s always nice to present them with a way to keep it pristine. Eye-catching custom packaging keeps current customers hooked, boosts brand awareness, and inspires other to explore your merchandise.

By partnering with the packaging design team at Impak Retail, your customers can carry their purchases out your door in sleek style. Let’s talk more about the range of design options, the public appeal, and the impact of adding custom garment bags to your retail packaging collection.

Elevate Your Brand Narrative with Custom Garment Bags

While your apparel commands the spotlight, custom-branded trimmings and packaging accessories serve as the supporting cast, enhancing the allure of your product line. Our range of materials and finishes allows for virtually limitless design options. Together, we can create a unique custom garment bag that you’ll be proud to send home with your customers.

Lightweight Luxurious Materials

At Impak, we have access to the most durable and highest quality materials commonly used in garment bag construction. Specific materials and weaves include:

● 210D Polyester
● Recycled Spunbond PET
● Cotton
● Non-woven PP

Depth of Printing & Finishing Capabilities

Your team has spent years building and refining a recognizable brand. We build on your work down to the smallest details so that your message easily translates to all your product packaging. Our designers can recommend printing options from spot printing and silk-screening to foil stamps and embroidery.

Finishing Touches

Luxurious finishes are the difference between a garment bag that gets tossed in the trash and those that get a permanent place in the closet. Enhance the functionality and style of your garment bags with finishes like:

● Pockets
● Carrying Handles
● Grommets for Hanging
● Snaps
● Reinforced Stitching

Exceptional Packaging Durability

Crafted to withstand the rigors of transportation and storage, custom garment bags offer exceptional durability to ensure your garments remain pristine from factory to wardrobe. With reinforced seams and sturdy materials, rest assure that your customers clothing investments will be shielded from wear and tear throughout their journey when developing garment bags with Impak Retail.

Seamless Integration with Sustainable Practices

At Impak Retail, we prioritize sustainability in every aspect of our operations. Our custom garment bags are no exception. From eco-friendly materials to responsible manufacturing processes, we are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint. Partner with us to seamlessly integrate sustainable practices into your brand’s packaging, demonstrating your dedication to both quality and planet-conscious initiatives.

A Collaborative Design Process

Our creative process begins with our curiosity and ends with your satisfaction.

Step One: Consultation and Discovery

In an initial discovery call, we delve into your packaging needs, considering factors such as product specifications, target audience, and branding.

Step Two: Prototyping and Production

We present you with drawings and samples of custom garment packaging solutions for feedback. Your critique fuels our refinement process. Once approved, we proceed to pre-production sample development.

Step Three: The Big Reveal

Your custom garment bags with logo are primed to make their debut to your loyal clientele and the wider world. Leave the logistics to us as we handle shipping, ensuring a seamless delivery experience.

Impak Enhances Your Brand Packaging

Custom garment packaging is a vital accessory for enhancing customer satisfaction and brand recognition. Armed with cutting-edge designs and decades of industry expertise, Impak Retail empowers brands to create packaging solutions that epitomize their identity. From bag design to order management, and shipping logistics, partnering with Impak Retail guarantees a streamlined journey from inception to realization.