Custom Gift Bags

Rethink the approach to delivery of your products; make reusable gift bags and pouches a fitting frontline ambassador of your brand. Don’t miss an opportunity to indulge your current clients, draw the attention of their gift recipients, and create new customers. Impak Retail helps retailers design gift bags and pouches that echo the quality of their products while clearly communicating a strong brand identity.

Custom Gift Bags for Any Occasion

A premium unboxing experience mirrors the thrill of a surprise gift. A beautiful, designed gift bag, garment bag or drawstring pouch helps build anticipation and further increases customer satisfaction through reuse.

Custom gift packaging is an impactful vehicle for building brand loyalty. Impak Retail can help you design unique gift bags for use in:

● Ecommerce Gifting
● Gift with Purchase Promotions
● Special Edition Releases
● Holiday & Seasonal Events

Sizes, Finishes, and Materials for Any Aesthetic

The packaging design experts at Impak believe that no detail is too small when it comes to your gift bags. From large items like bedding and blankets, to small items such a jewelry, our reusable pouches can be customized to meet the needs your product assortment. Working with a vast array of items? We can help you determine the right sizing and number of gift bag options to ensure your entire portfolio will be covered. Materials can range from:

● Cotton
● Faux Suede
● Peach Poly
● Muslin
● Canvas
● Washable Kraft

Construction options can include bottom gussets, double or single drawstring closures, or traditional tote bag styling.

A Gift (Bag) That Keeps On Giving

The quality and creativity of your packaging are often a direct reflection of your brand itself. We create packaging that strikes pause among recipients and instantly reinforces your brand promise. The value of reusable bags is the fact that it can be re-purposed or re-gifted. By incorporating strong, time-tested design principles and quality materials, your brand’s reusable bag or pouch will make its way to a new recipient. Never underestimate the power of offering a solution to a future need.

Partner with Impak to develop any one of these custom reusable bags to elevate your brand:

● Garment Bags
● Jewelry Duster Pouches
● Lingerie Bags
● Toiletry Cases
● Laundry Bags
● Travel Bags
● Linen Covers
● Gym Bags
● Gift Pouches
● Drawstring Backpacks
● Market Totes

Impak Enhances Your Brand Packaging

Make an impact on your customers by communicating vision, craftsmanship, and intrigue through custom bag packaging. Call Impak for a consultation and quote!