Custom Jewelry Gift Boxes

Jewelry purchases are special. Whether treating oneself, or gifting another, the way you protect, unveil and draw anticipation matters. As a brand owner, no one knows this better than you.

A beautiful custom retail box most certainly adds to your product’s wow factor, helping to make a meaningful gesture even more memorable. Impak Retail’s custom packaging designs help emphasize the beauty of your jewelry while matching the unique aesthetic of your brand.

Form, Function (& Infamy)

Custom jewelry gift boxes are the gold standard among today’s leading industry competitors. Jewelry is a luxury item. The box you choose not only must protect the jewels, but it also must enhance the beauty of the contents upon opening. For this reason, rigid boxes are a popular choice for jewelry retailers.

Jewelry gift boxes serve as the extension of your brand and the symbol your customers will come to associate with your name. For example, everyone knows what’s inside those iconic robin’s-egg blue boxes, right?

Jewelry Gift Box Styles

Rigid jewelry boxes are commonly two-piece designs that have either concealed or exposed “cuffs.” A hidden cuff box describes a design where the bottom and top meet in the middle to form a perfect seam. An exposed cuff box on the hand leaves a space between the top and bottom pieces. Both are equally elegant, though the exposed cuff allows for an additional design element to peak through the space.

Package Printing Options

Impak Retail will work closely with your creative team to incorporate your brand elements, as well as tactile features, into a jewelry packaging concept you will be delighted to share with customers.

Adorn your boxes with brand-enhancing printing and finishing elements such as:
• Hot stamping
• Embossing or debossing
• Soft-touch paper and fabric coverings
• Spot UV coating
• Satin ribbon pulls
• Magnetic closures
• Custom-printed tissue

Let’s Design an Iconic Jewelry Gift Box Together

Years of industry experience and know-how lends Impak Retail to be a premier custom gift box development partner. From concept and design, to manufacturing and shipping, Impak has your custom packaging covered.

When you’re ready, so are we. Contact us to get started with your brand’s custom jewelry packaging.