Custom Packaging Inserts

We can all agree receiving damaged product is a huge disappointment. With a rise in online shopping and home delivery needs, a strain has been placed upon carriers, but it’s not always a situation of shipper neglect. We want to ensure your customer doesn’t find fault within the brand. Don’t jeopardize customer satisfaction by cutting corners in development.

Package inserts are a critical component for safely transporting fragile products through various shipping channels. The design consultants at Impak Retail help brands design custom package inserts and inlays to accommodate for size, weight, and fragility when shipping individual or multiple items within a box.

Custom Box Inserts Elevate Product Presentation and Perceived Value

Many times a package that needs an insert is one that requires delivering multiple items, with different end uses, at a single moment. Our approach is to fully understand the transaction that you are seeking to establish with your customer. For example, an introductory kit of healthcare supplements would benefit from a design which incorporates a continued storage solution for those supplements, easily removable and transferable to a pantry, in addition to a packet for welcome materials and recipes or even a recessed tray for a branded water bottle. The approach to compartmentalized construction is necessary because each piece will live in a different space within your client’s home. The outer box, while a critical delivery method, will likely be repurposed.

In contrast, an insert strategy for a jewelry set including earrings and a necklace requires a different approach. The box itself has a high probability of staying within your client’s home. It may end up in a bureau or accessories cabinet drawer. The exterior finishing, texture and hand feel should stand apart. The way the insert is designed, with ribbon pull tabs for easy handling and positioning, along with padding and protective textiles to prevent any scratches or even reduce potential for tarnish, is a way to extend added value to your product.

Custom packaging inserts offer a chance to stand out from competitors, reinforce your brand’s elite quality standards, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Packaging Inlay Materials

There are several options to explore when designing a custom insert. One of the most influential factors in determining the appropriate material is the product itself. Weight, size and even the order volume can help our consultants narrow down the best paths for development.

Foam Inserts

Foam inserts are an incredibly malleable insert solution. They can satisfy the most snug of fitting requirements while simultaneously avoiding any scratching or scuffing of products. Often foam inserts can be finished or covered with textile materials to enhance their aesthetic and blend seamlessly to other elements of the package.

Cardboard and Paperboard Inserts

Corrugated cardboard and paperboard inserts are an economical way to separate items which are more durable. These inlays can be customized with full-color litho-labels or feature reverse out printing, allowing the white kraft finish to act as a second color. Specific fluting will vary based on product weight and overall box size.

Molded Inserts

Depending on order volume, molded paperboard is another way to satisfy the need for a snug-fitting insert. Without incorporating any additional lining materials, a molded paperboard insert would be curbside recyclable and a disposal-friendly packaging component for customers.

Stand Out with Custom Packaging

The marketplace is more competitive than ever, which means that business owners must provide excellent customer experiences to attract and keep clients. Raising the standards of your shipping game and unboxing experience is an excellent way to accomplish both goals.

Impak Retail is standing by, ready to help design and fulfill all of your custom packaging needs from corrugated boxes with packing inserts to Euro Totes and canvas bags. Contact us when you are ready to get started.