Custom Paper Mailers

Custom kraft mailers make delivery more delightful. Whether you aspire toward a bold rebrand or want to reinforce your brand’s understated and sophisticated vibe, custom packaging is your secret weapon.

Imagine the smile on your customers’ faces when they receive a vibrant mailer on their doorstep with your brand’s logo and message printed in edge-to-edge colors. Impak creates custom mailers that elevate the entire unboxing experience. Are you ready to get more out of your e-commerce packaging?

Ship With Style

Without an in-store experience to offer customers, ecommerce brands must rely on their packaging to not only get their products from point A to point B intact but also communicate company culture and provide an experience which mirrors being gifted a present.

Building brand loyalty all rests on the at-home unboxing experience. Even if your goods are the best in the business, customers may not be motivated to order from you again if they don’t see the same level of quality and detail in the packaging delivering their goods.

With competition fiercer than ever, you can no longer rest on your reputation–you have to do everything to maintain it. Our designers are experts in the art and science of standing out. When you trust us to collaborate on your custom paper mailers, we do everything we can to boldly communicate your vision with style and integrity.

Say Bye to Bland

A custom paper mailer is an envelope made of sturdy paper designed to provide secure protection for lightweight items during shipping. The compact design of this packaging solution makes it a smart choice for reducing shipping costs without sacrificing style.

Impak turns ordinary mailers into extraordinary brand ambassadors. With a range of luxurious material options and finishes, there is no limit to what we can create.

Here’s what makes our custom kraft mailers best-in-class:

• Side or bottom gusset constructions
• Recyclable materials
• Sustainably-sourced options
• Tear resistant
• Fully customizable printing
• Water resistant
• Returnable

Our Process

We translate the best of your brand into custom kraft mailers, down to every last detail. Every material selection, color choice, and luxury finish is an opportunity to reinforce what your brand represents. Decades in the business mean our process is tested and perfected leaving customers beyond satisfied.


Our people collaborate with your people to determine what you want to accomplish with your packaging.


Intensive research and forward-thinking design ensures we deliver options that will be fresh and exciting to your customers.


We work closely with our manufacturing partners to bring your vision to life. Through proofing and sampling, we make sure there are no surprises and the final product exceeds expectations.

Say More With Your Mailers

We strive to create innovative, recyclable, and unrivaled custom poly mailers for our ecommerce clients – clients who know the far-reaching impacts of investing in quality.

If your current packaging partner hasn’t been living up to your expectations, upgrade to Impak today.