Custom Paper Shopping Bags

Some of the most well-known and well-loved brands are instantly recognizable based on the strength of their shopping bags alone. In today’s competitive retail landscape there is simply no reason to omit branding elements from the shopping bags sent home with your customers.

At Impak Retail, we ensure your brand’s story is woven into every fiber of our custom merchandise bags. We specialize in enhancing your brand’s identity through your personalized logo and business information on a diverse range of high-quality custom shopping bags. Together, we will create a custom design that builds upon the essence of your brand. Explore a variety of options blending functionality with style, allowing you to showcase your logo, messaging, or unique design on a daily essential.

Achieve the uniquely designed paper shopping bag you’ve always wanted for your business and improve branding consistency across all your packaging needs. Choose from premium papers, textures, handles, sizes, and more.

Benefits of Recycled Paper Shopping Bags

By investing in custom retail packaging, you’re building upon the shopping experience. Today’s consumers value eco-conscious materials and a sustainable approach to packaging. Impak Retail can design and manufacture customized shopping bags that are:

• Fully recyclable.
• Made from 40-95% PCW recycled content.
• Feature FSC-certified paper.
• Printed with soy-based inks.

Types of Custom Paper Shopping Bags with Handles

As mentioned, no two brands, or bags are alike. When you investigate the details, you’ll notice some distinct styling features.

Euro Tote Paper Bags

• Recognizable based on handles made of ribbon, rope, or woven paper cording.
• Optimal for luxury goods like jewelry, clothing, cosmetics, or gourmet treats.
• Folded turn-top openings for a smooth hand feel.
• Reinforced with bottom boards to give structure to the bag base.
• Knotted or vanishing handle finishing styles.

J Slit Paper Bags

• Fashioned with paper twist handles.
• Folded turn-top openings for a smooth hand feel.
• Full coverage printing options available.

Paper Twist Handle Bags

• Fashioned with paper twist handles.
• Serrated or straight cut top opening.
• Full coverage printing options available.

Popular Finishes to Add to Your Custom Paper Shopping Bags

Here are just some of the finishes that bring sophistication and visual interest to your custom bags.

Custom-Dyed Strap Handles: Personalize your bags with strap handles dyed to match your brand’s colors, adding a cohesive and branded touch to the overall design.
Textured Papers: Choose from a selection of textured paper options to add tactile appeal and visual interest to your Euro Tote bags.
Ribbons: Enhance the presentation of your bags with functional ribbon handles in various colors and fabrics, an elegant option for paper Euro Tote shopping bags. Ribbon strapping can also be added to the middle of the bag to further conceal items.
Vanishing Handles: Opt for handles that seamlessly blend into the bag’s design, for a minimalist finish.
Twisted Rope Handles: Perfect for brands seeking a fully curbside recyclable option; FSC certified papers are also available.
Metallic Foil Hot Stamp Logos: Metallic foil hot stamp logos or design elements offer eye-catching boldness add premium presentation.
Full-Coverage Embossing Patterns: Create striking visual effects with full-coverage embossing patterns that add depth and dimension, enhancing their visual interest and making them truly stand out.
Various Printing Methods: We can discuss printing techniques, including offset printing, and digital printing to ensuring high-quality and precise reproduction of your artwork.

Impak Retail’s selection of finishing options allows you to customize every aspect of your shopping bags, ensuring they not only showcase your products beautifully but also leave a memorable impression on your customers.

Why Choose Impak to Design Your Custom Paper Shopping Bags

When it comes to transforming your brand vision into something tangible, creating attention-grabbing custom retail bags has made Impak Retail an industry leader. Choosing our packaging design services to create your custom paper shopping bags is a smart choice. Our expert designers help craft a design that gives your brand a turbo boost toward getting noticed and making lasting impressions one personalized bag at a time.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that every aspect of your design is carefully crafted. Trust Impak Retail’s custom packaging services to cover your unique needs with distinction and style, turning every custom paper shopping bag into a meaningful representation of your brand vision. Let us work together on this ultimate marketing opportunity by using your logo, infusing your brand colors, and sharing your message on every paper shopping bag that leaves your store.

Get started by contacting us for a design consultation today! Our friendly team is ready to assist you with any questions or inquiries.