Custom Rigid Drawer Boxes

A slide drawer box has all the qualities that make for a memorable unboxing experience. Substantial materials and board weights allow for reuse and push the box to keepsake status. Textured finishes evoke a positive sensory experience that impresses upon the receiver’s memory and snug inserts protect valuable contents. All elements of the reveal contribute to leaving a lasting impression with customers.

Todays brands face stiff competition in the marketplace, and they all know that their retail packaging is an extension of their product quality. It has to rise not only to their own high standards, but to even higher standards of the public. When you want to get it right, it’s best to partner with a design expert to help guide you from design to delivery.

Slide Boxes Make a Memorable Presentation

Slide drawer-style boxes are a simple, yet elegant design concept. An open-top drawer fits neatly inside a companion box. A simple pull of the tabs attached to the face of the drawer slides out to reveal what’s inside.

Drawer boxes in the retail clothing space are usually single pull-tab boxes. However, multi-tier slide boxes frequently show up in other categories.

With their extra flair, boxes of this kind are often the go-to gift boxes for:

• Jewelry
• Luxury products
• Skincare and cosmetics
• Personal care and wellness products
• Gourmet food items

Sliding Drawer Boxes for Every Aesthetic

Custom drawer boxes can be finished inside and out to emulate the subtle elements of your brand. Its double layer of protection also makes this packaging especially ideal for housing fragile objects.

At Impak Retail, many of our clients tend to gravitate toward this unique option. Popular finishing applications include:

Embossing Textures

Boxes can be wrapped with specialty designed papers creating tooth and texture. Papers are impressed to leave a custom mark or pattern corresponding with your brand.

Beater-Dyed Papers

With various folds and seams throughout the box design, the benefit of beater-dyed paper is the reduction or “noise” or break in design. The white edge of the paper is eliminated, creating a more seamless transition from panel to panel.

Food Safe Papers

For boxes designed to hold gourmet treats and eats. Specialty papers can be applied to each draw interior, where contact with food is highly likely.

Satin, Grosgrain or Paper Ribbon Pull Tabs

To encourage ease of recyclability, many brands opt for pull tabs of woven paper, eliminating the need to remove a panel containing textile elements prior to depositing to the recycling bin. Others prefer to retain a traditional ribbon trim as the box is designed for extended storage, year over year, in dresser drawers or jewelry cabinets.

Make Impak Retail Your Custom Packaging Partner

Impak is pleased to offer a variety of custom product boxes that exceed our client’s expectations. And we raise the industry standard every day with our:

• Innovative, original designs
• Slick construction
• Highest quality materials
• Optimal functionality
• Endless branding opportunities
• Sustainable packaging solutions

To learn more about your packaging possibilities, contact us today.