Custom Sleeve Boxes

How you package your products matters whether you’re selling them on the shelves or online. Improve your brand’s unboxing experience with the added elegance of custom packaging sleeves. Impak’s designers are excited to take your most ambitious creative ideas from the dream stage to the reality of beautiful packaging that customers can touch and admire.

Create Sleeve Boxes That Stand Out

Custom sleeve boxes add a needed layer of protection around your products, reinforce your brand
values, and improve your curb appeal.

Impactful printed sleeve packaging starts with quality materials that give your product line a specialty look and feel. An intentional and aesthetic packaging sleeve with your company’s branding can become instantly recognizable. No matter your logo, desired shape or size, and preferred materials, Impak’s options for customization are limitless.

Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes don’t have to have rigid design restrictions. Impak offers a range of luxurious finishes like matte or gloss coating, foil stamping, spot gloss UV, and other customizations that catch the eye and motivate shoppers to add to their cart.

Corrugated Boxes

Custom packaging sleeves made out of corrugated board are a safe and stylish bet for heavier products, perishable goods, or items expected to go through a long shipment process. Wine bottles, delicate cosmetics, and other fragile products can all benefit from this kind of protection.

Folding Cartons

Impak’s folding cartons made of thin, flexible linen stock or kraft paper are an affordable option for brands looking for a custom packaging solution for lightweight products like candies or cookies.

Are Custom Sleeve Boxes Right for My Product?

Custom sleeve boxes are a stylish and simple way to give your packaging a luxurious look. Many industries leverage packaging sleeves for their protective structure, ease of shipping, and endless customization options.

Jewelers, for example, may use rigid stock sleeve boxes with custom foam inserts to protect and promote delicate treasures like earrings and rings.

Sleeve boxes are also an excellent way to elevate custom food packaging. Impak has many food and beverage clients, like confectioners, that leverage secure-fit packaging sleeves made from sustainable materials to deliver their treats and delight their customers.

Other products that can benefit from secure-fit packaging sleeves include:

• Cosmetics
• Supplements & Wellness Products
• Glass/Ceramic Housewares
• Spirits & Cocktail Kits

Add More Appeal to Your Packaging with Impak

We are proud to help stylish brands make their mark with innovative and inspired unboxing experiences. From conception to completion, more than 45 years in the retail packaging industry means we deliver unmatched expertise and unrivaled customer service–you could say Impak is the full package.

If your current packaging partner hasn’t been living up to your expectations, upgrade to Impak today.