Custom Wine Boxes

A glass of fine wine is one of life’s little luxuries. From selecting the most beautiful bottle on the shelf to savoring the first full-bodied sip, shopping for wine is more than just an errand; it’s an experience–and one that’s made even better by custom wine packaging.

To reinforce your brand’s exceptional standards, you need to guarantee oenophiles a premium unboxing experience every time. One way to do this is with creative custom wine packaging that mirrors the complexity and flavor of the bottle(s) that rest inside.

Better Branding Through Custom Wine Boxes

How many friends have you heard joke that they choose wine based on the label? Four out of five people admit to purchasing a bottle of wine based on its branding rather than its reviews or merits. The data is clear: better branding equals better sales.

Custom wine bags, boxes, and sleeves often serve as the first touchpoint consumers have with your product–and they have a huge hand in a buyer’s decision to either purchase it or put it back on the shelf. It’s time for your wine brand to tap into the power of packaging with Impak. Our unrivaled customization options for your box’s base material, printing, and finishes mean your imagination is the only limit to what we can design.

We Offer Luxurious, Sustainable Materials

Exceptional packaging starts with an exceptional base. We offer a range of materials that fold neatly into any budget, aesthetic, or ethos.

• Molded Pulp
• Laser-cut Corrugate
• EVA Foam

Box Styles for Every Brand Story

Your custom wine bags and boxes have a big job— they need to be sturdy, durable, and embody the essence of your product and brand. At Impak, we’ll develop a deep understanding of your brand and select the perfect box for your wine. Some of our options include:

• Wine cases
• Cylindrical wine boxes
• Hidden or Exposed Cuff boxes
• Corrugated wine boxes

Accessories and Finishes

Like a glass of wine, specialty packaging is all about the finish. Impak knows how to add a sophisticated finishing touch (or two), including:

• Magnetic closures
• UV finishing
• Metallic foil hot stamping
• Embossing and debossing
• Beater-dyed papers
• Soft-touch finish

Sustainability Shipping, Sustainably Sipping

Natural, sustainably produced wines are trending. If you’re a sustainable wine brand, you need the eco-conscious packaging to match. We know that sustainability is important to our clients. We complement your sustainability goals with our recyclable and FSC-certified products.

Think Outside the Box with Impak

All our custom food packaging options contribute to an air of exclusivity that elevates the perceived value of your product. Give your customers an unboxing experience they’ll remember and want to keep experiencing again and again. When you’re ready to make your mark, our designers are ready to talk.