Kitting Services

At a basic level, product packaging is the vehicle of transport from inventory to destination. Look a little more closely and you quickly realize it’s your company’s representative, providing your customers with a critical first impression. It serves as a signal about the quality of your products, the essence of your brand, and even your company ideals.

According to a survey by the Paper and Packaging Board, 72% of American consumers say their purchasing decision is influenced by packaging design. How much money could you be leaving on the table by not investing in kitting services?

What is Kitting?

Kitting is the process of taking several SKUs and combining them into a “kit” for shipping to the end consumer. Kitting services gather a set of products into a collection for the consumer to purchase as a bundle.

Kitting is an extremely useful merchandising tool because it enables retailers to be more versatile with the items in their inventory. Kitting and assembly have also become important marketing tools in the subscription age of retailing.

Why is Kitting and Assembly So Important?

Kitting and assembly services allow companies to put more merchandise on the market without having to create new products. Instead of selling items individually, companies can bundle similar products into a unique set, offer promotions, or create subscription packages.

The Art and Science of Kitting

Any number of products can be assembled and assigned into a single SKU for your system for sale. In theory, kitting is simple. The process becomes more complicated around matters of logistics.

– Determine which items fit together in a kit. Factors to consider include product usage, theme/reason, color, or complementary items that can be bundled at a better value for the consumer.
– Assign this new bundle a unique SKU number in your system. Once bundled, these items represent a single sellable product.
– Decide who will assemble and ship the kit. Companies may choose to assemble their own kits or outsource the process to a third party that will ship and label the final product.
– Market, sell, and ship. Wow, your consumers with your beautifully packaged kit!

Impak has a network of 3PL providers to guide and assemble your kits, execute accurate labeling, and ensure fast shipping of the final product.

Benefits of Kitting and Assembly Services

Anyone who has seen an unboxing video on social media can appreciate the impact of a beautifully packaged kit. The presentation of the bundle can be even more compelling to consumers than the products within the package. Savvy retailers have been capitalizing on this distinct benefit of kitting for years.

Kitting and assembly services also benefit your bottom line by offering better space utilization, more efficient supply chain cycling, and faster response to customer orders. The best providers can also help ensure quality control and uniformity in your kit.

Kitting services elevate your packaging and ensure that all your packages are uniform, on-brand, and organized. Kitting and assembly solutions also reduce fulfillment costs and risks while improving operational efficiency.

Choose Impak Retail to Help Create Your Kit

Whether your brand is seeking custom kits or specialty client engagement shipments, kitting services require the coordination of multiple components. Leave that task to the experts. Call Impak Retail today to learn more about our contract packaging solutions.