Package Labeling

No matter the industry, brands only get about seven seconds to make the kind of first impression that motivates a consumer’s decision to purchase one item over another. A well-designed product label piques customer intrigue while effectively communicating product features, benefits, and value.

The right product packaging and labeling is often the difference between a shopper adding a product to their cart and passing it by.

Balancing Information and Aesthetics on Product Packaging Labels

Your product label serves a dual role to share relevant or required information and to compliment your brand aesthetic. Depending on the industry, that could be a lot to communicate in just a couple of inches. There is a fine line between these competing interests that can be a real headache for brands to handle in-house without professional guidance. This is a place where Impak Retail shines.

Here is a brief overview of the design elements we will explore together.

Three Customizable Elements of Package Labeling

Packaging labels are an extension of your brand itself, and it’s essential to design a label that accurately reflects your brand’s vision, values, and vibe. Small creative details can make a big impact. At Impak we stress the importance of color, fonts used, and tactile response to capture all of your unique qualities.


Colors evoke all kinds of feelings. Choosing the right color and even another shade of a color can make a world of difference to your customers. Impak can help you leverage color psychology to harness consumer emotions and elicit an influential response.


Never underestimate the persuasive power of typography. Like color, character style plays its own role in your messaging. Choosing the right font is equal parts art and science, and 100% critical. Beyond being eye-catching and easy to read, the right typography is an opportunity to bring your brand’s logo in harmony with your brand’s messaging.


Custom labels add a tactile element to your product. Rather than spending a premium for an entire box or bag to have special toothing or texture, leather, bark, and linen labels bring a luxurious touch to your product for less.

Consult the Experts About Your Packaging Labels

Impak’s contract packaging solutions include thorough attention to compliant and stylish labeling. When you partner with Impak Retail, you get dozens of design experts working in your corner to communicate your brand in the most aesthetically appealing, informative, and cost-effective way. When you’re ready to upgrade packaging and labeling services, we’re ready to talk.