Custom Packaging Warehouses

Reduce storage costs and overhead expenses by leveraging our network of warehouses strategically positioned across North America to make sure you have the packaging supplies you need when you need them. 

Through our branches and affiliates, we provide businesses across the U.S. with the best fill rates, on-time delivery and personalized local service. 

Leave Warehousing to the Professionals   

Impak’s contract packaging solutions provide an extensive suite of 3PL packaging services for businesses of all sizes. We leverage our extensive shipping and warehouse network—each equipped with leading technology—to help our clients expand while remaining within budget.  

Here’s  just some of the tasks a 3PL coordinator can manage on your behalf: 

  • Pick your product and transfer it to the warehouse facility: A 3PL warehousing partner can move your product quickly and efficiently. If you have two separate partners, one for transportation and another for warehousing, you may be spending more than necessary.  
  • Store your product safely: Make room and eliminate your storage needs. Allowing someone else to store your products creates space and eliminates your storage setbacks. We have warehouses located strategically across the country with solid reputations for mastering regulatory compliance.  
  • Label your product: A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is only as good as its labels. We ensure all products are clearly labeled to your WMS specifications so they can be scanned, tracked, and recorded accurately and efficiently.- 
  • Process your customers’ orders: Technology keeps our 3PL service providers at the forefront of the industry. Warehouses use modern cloud-based, e-commerce order management and fulfillment software which all minimize human error across every stage of fulfillment.  
  • Handle shipping and returns: Not only can they handle shipping, but they can also take the headaches out of return logistics (every company’s least favorite task).  

Impak Ensures Your Custom Packaging Inventory Stays Safe and Ships Fast  

Local warehousing services are your key to faster fulfillment at higher volume. At Impak Retail, we proudly serve a wide range of industries, including apparel, health and wellness, food and beverage, housewares, luxury goods, and more. 

Contact us to learn more about our custom packaging warehouse solutions and explore our full suite of custom packaging services to elevate your next product run.