Concept Packaging Solutions

An effective retail packaging concept not only ensures that your products are stored and shipped safely but can be a key means by which you showcase your brand to the public, drive sales, generate widespread interest in your products, and instill customer loyalty and retention.  

Creative packaging solutions can be a valuable marketing tool for your business – but it all starts with a great concept. Key elements to consider during the conceptualization stage include: 

  • Your brand’s story – tell customers who you are. 
  • How do you want customers to feel when they view or open your package? Delighted? Awed? Reassured? Intrigued? Inspired? 
  • How can your packaging reinforce for the customer that they made the right choice? You want customers to feel unique and savvy, as if in discovering your products they’ve made a special and rare find. 
  • Colors communicate – for example, reds can be startling, dramatic, passionate; greens can be calming, serene, and reassuring – which message do you want your customers to receive? 
  • Images, icons, logos – A picture truly does speak a thousand words, and non-verbal messaging is often more memorable than verbiage. What do you want your images to say? 
  • Commitment to quality – Luxe, refined packaging textures, artistic accessory features, and top-quality construction and materials all speak volumes to the customer about how your business is committed to the highest industry standards. 

There’s a sense of deep satisfaction and pride that consumers feel when they’re convinced that the product they’ve purchased will meet and exceed their expectations – this is the feeling that the right packaging concept can generate. Impak Retail helps bring your packaging design to life, from conceptualization to the final product and every step between. 

What to Consider When Creating a Packaging Concept 

Here are some of the main factors we consider during the concept stage of the packaging design process:  

  • Understanding the Target Audience: Like the products they hold, all packages should be designed with an intended audience in mind. Conceptualization should begin by recognizing the preferences and needs of the intended consumers. 
  • Embracing Brand Ethos: Your packaging is a big stage for your brand. When concepting, you should ensure the packaging aligns with your brand’s core values and messages. Sometimes, that requires branding to be synthesized from scratch. 
  • Nailing Package Visuals: The appearance of your package is what makes it pop off the shelves. Decide on colors, typography, images, and layout that grab consumer attention and echo your brand’s identity. Beyond 2D assets, choose shapes and materials that align with your brand and the emotions intended to be evoked by your products. 
  • Finding the Right Functionality: Above all, your packaging should protect your product effectively. It should also provide an unboxing experience that’s both user-friendly and memorable. 
  • Establishing Emotional Connection: To get potential customers to pay attention—and to turn that attention into sales—your packaging should leverage elements like storytelling or brand history to establish an emotional connection. Both inside and out, it should create a memorable impression that resonates with consumers. 
  • Carving Out Your Niche in the Marketplace: As you consider all of the above factors, you should also think about your competition. Your packaging should set your product apart in a crowded market, emphasizing your brand’s unique value proposition. 

Why Choose Impak Retail to Help Create Your Packaging Concept? 

Whether you’re brimming full of ideas for your packaging or have exactly zero, you deserve a conceptualization partner that helps bring your vision into focus—and ultimately, to life. Here at Impak Retail, that’s exactly what we do. 

With over 45 years of experience in the packaging industry, we’ve helped numerous businesses just like yours to create the ideal packages for their products. We combine our time-honed expertise with the latest design and prototyping technology to deliver exceptional concept packaging solutions and create market-ready packages from the ground up.  

When you’re ready to move your prototypes into production, we have a network to handle that, too. From logistics and manufacturing, all the way to assembly and shipping, we have you covered—from start to finish. 

Check out our full suite of creative packaging services and contact us to get started!