Packaging Dielines and Templates

Packaging templates and dielines are the visual blueprints for your packaging. Where precision is paramount, and every inch counts, these blueprints help to ensure that your packaging looks exactly the way you want it to when it hits production.

At Impak Retail, we utilize state-of-the-art technology and draw on years of experience to ensure the highest level of quality for your packaging artwork.

What Are Packaging Dielines and Templates?

Packaging dielines and templates help designers optimize aesthetics and brand visibility. These tools significantly reduce the risk of errors during the production process, saving time and resources. They facilitate quicker approval processes and easy prototyping, enhancing overall productivity in the packaging development lifecycle.

– Packaging dielines are 2D layouts of your packaging, complete with both package dimensions, as well as fold and cut lines. Imagine meticulously taking your package apart so the whole thing is still in one piece but totally flat. That’s the highly useful visual that packaging dielines provide.

– Packaging templates aid designers in correctly placing artwork, text, and other elements. They ensure proper alignment, scale, and placement during the production process, ultimately leading to a functional and aesthetically pleasing package. Templates contain all packaging dielines (if there are multiple) as well as key information pertaining to your packaging, including branding elements, physical capacity, and materials used in your packaging.

It’s important to note that “packaging dielines” and “packaging templates” are often used interchangeably and sometimes grouped together under one banner term, “package dieline templates.”

How Do You Create Packaging Dielines and Templates?

Creating packaging dielines and templates involves a series of steps, best completed with the help of a professional packaging design partner. These steps include:

1. Product research and assessment: As your design partner, the team at Impak Retail will work together with you to assess your product’s dimensions, weight, shape, and handling requirements. This determines the size and form of the package required.

2. Design conceptualization: Incorporating your asks and ideas, we will create initial design concepts, determining whether your package needs to hang, stand, or lie flat. Specific features like windows or clasps will also be considered.

3. Dieline creations: Using specialized design software, we will draft the flattened design of the package. Using special colors and fonts, our designers will mark the cut lines (where the material is to be cut) and fold lines (where the package will be folded).

4. Template design: We augment the dieline by placing graphical elements, text, and branding in your chosen layout, ensuring everything fits exactly to your liking. The template may also include extra information on brand style.

5. Prototyping: Now the dieline is printed on paper or cardstock and a prototype is assembled. This mock-up helps in assessing the design and making necessary adjustments.

6. Finalizing, sharing, and production: Once you’re fully satisfied with your dielines and templates, your design team will share them with the production team or manufacturers for final packaging creation.

Why Choose Impak Retail to Create Your Packaging Dielines and Templates?

When it comes to the creation of packaging dielines and templates, no one does it better than our team at Impak Retail. We have over 45 years of experience helping businesses across all industries bring their packaging ideas to life, with a built-out network to handle all steps of the process, from concept to production.

See why so many brands have trusted us to take their packaging to the next level. Explore our full-service packaging design solutions, and contact our team today!