International Packaging Shipments

You need a trustworthy international shipping service partner when working in custom packaging development. At Impak, we take on the intricacies of shipping internationally, providing you with a smooth experience and peace of mind, knowing you have an import and classification team you can rely on.

Our shipping affiliates are stationed all across the globe to provide packaging logistics solutions with the best rates and on-time deliveries, acting as your broker for the international shipments of your product packaging.

For Speedy Shipments and Safe Arrivals, Choose Impak

International shipping refers to the shipping of your packaging products from their point of origin to your shipping hub. Choosing a competent international shipping service is critical for preserving your client’s obligations and satisfying their expectations. Businesses need a guru who can help you navigate the labyrinth of paperwork and customs regulations necessary to avoid unnecessary delays in the process.

Several factors can affect how long it takes for your international shipment to reach its final destinations, including cargo size, shipping mode, location, and the freight forwarding company. With the help of our shipping experts, your company will have an affordable plan that includes the cost of packing, shipping, and coverage of items in transit. Our team will manage all requisite forms and documentation on your behalf.

Consult with Impak to determine your shipping timeframe and the associated expenses. We promise to be a reliable broker for the international shipment of your packaging until it arrives in your hands.

Leave Shipping to the Experts

Impak understands that safety and convenience are of paramount concern when choosing your shipping partner. Let us handle the logistical concerns while you focus on providing your customers with the quality products they expect.

Impak Retail– Helping You Fulfill Your International Shipment Needs

International shipping involves acute attention to detail, meticulous planning, and strict adherence to regulations in all channels of commerce. Impak is prepared to handle all matters related to your packaging products’ global journey. With more than 45 years in the retail packaging industry from conception to delivery, Impak has built a reliable worldwide network of affiliated shippers we trust to deliver your packaging safely, efficiently, and on budget.