FSC Paper: What Is It & How Can It Benefit My Business?

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) encourages sustainable practices among businesses and consumers. It does so by providing certification to entities that meet standards pertaining to approved forestry practices. Using paper that has FSC certification is a great way for businesses to prioritize sustainable packaging solutions.

Where Can You Find FSC Certified Paper for Your Packaging?

Working with the right packaging supplier ensures your business can meet the sustainability standards your customer’s demand. Impak Retail offers FSC certified paper packaging options that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are environmentally friendly.

As an FSC licensee, we’re just as passionate about sustainable practices as you and your customers are. Contact us today to get started on your custom packaging quote.

What Is FSC Certified Paper?

FSC certified paper uses wood sourced using sustainable forestry practices. For example, a paper product can receive certification if it was derived from a forestry operation that re-plants native trees after clear cutting or takes steps to protect native species.

FSC certified paper features specific labeling to alert consumers that packaging was derived from sustainable sources.

Are All FSC Labels the Same?

There are three distinct FSC labels, and each label communicates specific information to consumers:

FSC 100%

This labeling indicates that all the materials involved in product construction were sourced using sustainable practices from FSC-certified forestry operations. These products meet the highest possible standards when it comes to responsible practices.

FSC Recycled

Constructing paper products with recycled materials prevents the need for new trees to create packaging and other items. Accordingly, an FSC Recycled label indicates that an item consists of 100% recycled materials.


FSC Mix labeling indicates that an item consists of recycled materials, materials sourced from forests certified by the FSC, and FSC-controlled wood.

FSC-controlled wood does not come from operations the FSC deems unacceptable from a sustainability perspective. However, this material also does not originate from an FSC-certified forest.

Do My Customers Care About FSC Certified Paper?

Many consumers today are passionate about environmental preservation. Consider that a survey conducted by Sustainable Brands found that 75% of people consider how a product will impact the environment before buying it.

However, some consumers may not recognize logos related to the FSC and other sustainability initiatives, which means they may overlook products that heed to their standards.

In this case, businesses can use additional messaging along with stamps and branding to demonstrate their certification to the consumer. Labeling items effectively communicates that a business is invested in safe environmental practices. As a result, consumers can make informed decisions when seeking sustainable products.

Why Is FSC Certified Paper a Good Choice?

Businesses have a responsibility to support the environment when it comes to paper packaging. By using packaging created with sustainable practices, such as FSC certified paper, commercial entities limit their impact on the environment.

Sustainable practices also enhance the impression of your business. Consumers these days are prioritizing eco-conscious practices and want businesses to adhere to these same standards. When customers know that you insist on using sustainable packaging, they will be more likely to support your business.