Guide to How2Recycle Recycling Labels

Even when brands leverage eco-friendly materials and make every effort to improve sustainability, those efforts can fall short when consumers view recycling as a confusing task. According to a recent Greenpeace report, most recyclables still end up in landfills. How2Recycle™ is on a mission to change that. The organization is committed to advancing eco-friendly practices in the packaging industry by providing standardized labeling and clear recycling instructions to both businesses and consumers. By providing consistent and transparent on-package recycling information, How2Recycle improves consumer understanding and takes the task of recycling from stressful to simple. The How2Recycle system was created to help make it easier for people to identify what products may be recycled and how to do it properly.

The How2Recycle recycling labels consist of several parts:

At the top, you will find concise instructions about how to prep your product for recycling. These brief instructions will tell you if the product needs to be rinsed, what to do with attachments such as lids and pumps, and if the label should be removed. Next, you will find the recognizable How2Recycle label which will tell you if a product is widely recycled, not at all, only in certain areas, or if you must take the container to a “Store Drop-off” location. The bottom of the label will identify the type of material subject to recycling. Beneath that, you will find a reference to the recyclable part of the package. Note that each part might have a different set of instructions depending on the material used.

How2Recycle Store Drop-Offs: An Overview

Though recycling at home is a common, well-understood practice, there are still plenty of items that can raise questions. Think of those times when you’ve looked at a container and thought- “Well, it’s definitely not paper, but is it plastic?” That answer can usually be found with a “Store Drop-off” instruction. When you see a How2Recycle Store Drop-Off label, it means that you can take your recyclable items to a participating retail store for further handling. Many major retailers, such as grocery stores and big-box chains, have dedicated collection bins near their entrances where you can deposit those items.

What Can Be Recycled Through Store Drop-Off?

Retailers who participate in plastic film recycling programs will usually accept clean and dry poly mailers at their Store Drop-off receptacles. While How2Recycle may have issued “Store Drop-off” labeling directions on poly mailers to brands in the past, they are further reviewing the intricacies of the reclamation process. They are encouraging a different approach to the application of address and shipping details. Per How2Recycle: “To receive a more favorable label, the following actions can be taken: Change from paper label to direct print on the mailer or use PE label that meets APR Preferred criteria. This would eliminate the need for consumers to separate the label.” Other common items that can be recycled through store drop-off include: – Bread bags – Plastic wraps – Bubble wrap – Air pillows

How2Recycle and Impak Help Brands Become Better

How2Recycle is at the forefront of sustainable packaging solutions by advocating for standardized recycling labels, empowering consumers, promoting innovation, ensuring compliance, and fostering environmental responsibility. Their proactive approach aligns with the growing global emphasis on eco-friendly packaging practices, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and responsible packaging industry. To learn more about How2Recycle’s program and how it works, visit Impak is proud to support How2Recycle in taking a proactive and influential position in promoting sustainable packaging solutions. Brands that become How2Recycle members tend to earn more positive reputations among like-minded consumers. Impak encourages all of our packaging customers to use eco-friendly packaging materials whenever possible. To learn more about how we can help spearhead sustainable packaging solutions for your business, please contact us. We look forward to helping you design packaging that speaks volumes about your products and your values.