Your 2023 Guide to Printing Packaging with Pantone

Recent changes to the Pantone system have raised some eyebrows within the industry. Let’s look at what’s changed, why there is concern, and how Impak plans to address these changes.

A Brief History of Pantone

Pantone has become the most recognizable name in the world of color printing. Founded in1962 by Lawrence Herbert, Pantone has risen to an industry leader when it comes to professional color standards. Their mission is to help people accurately communicate and reproduce colors over many different mediums–and they accomplish this mission well.

For more than 50 years, Pantone has been a trusted source for accurate colors, which can be used on everything from textiles and plastics to digital displays and printed materials. In fact, they are so trusted that their name, for decades, was synonymous with “color accuracy” worldwide.

However, recent changes have left some businesses concerned.

The Recent Pantone Changes: Explained

The world is changing, our industry is changing, and Pantone, as you may have heard, is changing. Pantone’s newly released 2023 books are much larger than their predecessors. But the biggest concern, as many have been quick to note, is the fact that the new Pantone books present discrepancies compared to the older books, especially for custom packaging needs. Many are calling attention to identical colors appearing under different recipes.

Pantone has confirmed color changes across digital and printed applications. Ink formulas have been adjusted, and the colors tend to vary in appearance under light. The company has stated that the new 2023 color bases are vegetable based in an effort to become more eco-friendly.

This may cause confusion, certainly, but it is also a step in a much more sustainable direction; a move that packaging experts would agree is a positive one.

Should My Business Be Concerned?

No need to fear: Pantone is still the gold standard for color matching.

As long as you’re working with a forward-thinking, sustainably-minded packing partner like Impak Retail, the recent Pantone discrepancies don’t need to worry you.

Impak’s creative director Joy Ansell has been proactive and ensures that the team will continue to meet industry standards in color tolerance by recognizing the potential for communication blunders. “Clients and manufacturers (even within their own teams and buildings) could be working from color books from pre‐2023 AND/OR the current 2023 colors, thus resulting in different color expectations from person to person, team to team, manufacturers to client, and vice versa,” she briefed. “Upfront alignment and thorough evaluation of benchmark samples will help circumvent a lot of confusion.”

Impak is Your Eco-Friendly Solution

With more than 45 years in retail packaging, you can trust us to adjust to industry shifts, such as Pantone’s color changes, with agility and clarity.

We know that sustainable packaging, just like Pantone’s color changes, is beyond many retailers’ expertise. But that’s why we’re here. Impak Retail sets the industry standard for reliable, eco-friendly packaging solutions. We help forward-thinking businesses meet their sustainable goals without sacrificing style. Let’s chat.