Packaging Prototypes & Samples

Why You Might Need a Packaging Prototype

A packaging prototype is a sample unit of what your packaging will look like that you can inspect and test in person before greenlighting it for mass production. There are many reasons you might want to have a prototype on hand, but typically they are used for testing and presentation purposes, such as:

  • To display at tradeshow exhibits
  • To attract investors
  • To showcase for retailers
  • To assess the visual design for marketing needs

In the above instances, a single unit of your packaging is all that’s necessary to represent your brand and make a favorable impression on stakeholders. Prototypes can save you from having to invest prematurely in a large manufacturing run of your packaging.

Additionally, you may want a functional sample of your packaging to test its structural integrity and make sure it is physically robust enough for your purposes. This is especially true for packaging that will have to withstand the potentially rough shipping process.

Virtual Prototypes

Virtual prototypes are convenient and cost-effective options that let you quickly devise and revise your packaging design ideas without having to invest money and resources into fabricating an actual physical object. Explore multiple options and let your inspiration run free without having to worry about the price tag or backing up your timelines.

Our designer can create a digital rendering so you can review design application and better understand construction before going into physical sampling and prototyping. This is especially useful when you’re testing out different looks for marketing purposes.

Virtual prototypes are a great way to ensure that packaging designs meet your expectations before going all-in on production. Physical prototypes, on the other hand, allow stakeholders to touch and feel the mock-up, which can provide a lot of information on utility and customer satisfaction. Combining virtual and physical prototypes is therefore a popular and effective strategy that many businesses use when developing their branded packaging.

Multiple Prototypes

If you have multiple packaging design concepts, you may want to create a prototype for each one. This lets you compare competing options before committing to one model.

Alternatively, you may require different packaging styles to suit a variety of unique retail environments. For example, different retailers may have their own special preferences for how they want to display your product in their stores. With multiple prototypes, you can customize designs to meet their specifications and optimize the reach of your brand.

What to Expect During the Prototype Process

Here are the key stages that you can expect when it comes to creating prototypes:

Consultation – During the consultation, you and our designers can discuss your vision for the finished product. The consultation also allows the designer to make recommendations based on their knowledge and expertise. Once the consultation is complete, the designer will use the information collected to create a design.

Pre-Production Review – Our designer will provide a mock-up of the design. In addition to drawings, you may also be provided with a virtual prototype for a better understanding of what to expect. If you’re satisfied with the look and feel of the design, you can give approval to move to the production stage.

Production – Our designer will work with their manufacturing department to develop a prototype based on the consultation and pre-production review. At this point, you’ll receive the physical prototype. If you’re happy with the outcome, the prototype can be used to create large volumes of packaging for your business.

Create Innovative Packaging Prototypes With Impak Retail

When it comes to custom packaging, Impak Retail has established a reputation for excellence across many industries. We develop bespoke packaging that tells the story of your brand in a clear, compelling, and memorable way. From the quality materials to the innovative designs, our packaging ensures that you will stand out from your competitors. Please contact us today to get started on a sustainable packaging prototype for your business.