The Breakdown on Boxes: Rigid Collapsible Boxes

Get a glimpse into the world of rigid collapsible boxes. Impak has provided an insider’s take as to what makes these piece types so versatile and valuable.

Sustainable, cost-effective, and endlessly customizable, rigid collapsible boxes are an excellent choice for any business looking to get the most out of their product packaging. On this page, we break them down—so you can do the same.

Check out our short video and guide to the many benefits of rigid collapsible boxes below, and learn how you can create the perfect customizable box with our experienced design team here at Impak Retail. The breakdown starts now!

What Are Rigid Collapsible Boxes?

Rigid collapsible boxes are a special type of product packaging engineered to be broken down and reassembled when necessary. They are built with durable and stiff materials, providing structural integrity and durability. Available in a number of sizes, they’re designed to be easily collapsed when not in use, saving storage space. They can be effortlessly reassembled when needed, offering convenience.

Rigid collapsible boxes are often used for high-end products like jewelry, boutique apparel, gourmet food, cosmetics, and wellness products, or other luxury items. They add a premium aesthetic to your product and create an exceptional unboxing experience for your customers due to their high-quality construction and finish. Attractive add-on features such as magnetic closures, ribbon pulls, or other enhancements improve functionality and appearance.

The Many Benefits of Rigid Collapsible Boxes

As you’ll see in the video on this page, rigid collapsible boxes have a number of advantages that make them an excellent choice for brands and their products. These include:

Efficient to ship. When fully collapsed, rigid collapsible boxes take up very little space. This means large quantities of them can be shipped at relatively low costs.

Easy to assemble in-store. Designed for easy assembly, rigid collapsible boxes come with features such as adhesive-backed corners and pull tabs that make them easier to put together than standard gift boxes.

Available in a variety of sizes. For products large and small, rigid collapsible boxes are available in a wide range of sizes for a variety of products, from specialty foods to apparel.

Endlessly customizable. With flat surfaces and intuitive assembly mechanisms that can accommodate a number of dimensions, rigid collapsible boxes can be customized with details like foil stamping, ribbon closures, embossed papers, and a host of graphical elements.

Sustainable. Impak Retail’s rigid collapsible boxes are made with FSC-compliant papers, fully recyclable closure options, and eco-friendly print techniques to minimize your brand’s carbon footprint. Their quality construction also makes them attractive to re-use.

Why Choose Impak Retail for Your Rigid Collapsible Boxes?

With over 45 years of experience in the packaging industry, our team here at Impak Retail has the know-how and network to make any packaging vision come to life. From concept and design to prototyping and full-scale production, we have everything you need to create the right rigid collapsible packaging for your products.

Want to learn more about rigid collapsible boxes? Ready to start designing with our team here at Impak Retail? Contact us to learn more and get started!