Custom Collapsible Rigid Gift Boxes

Foldable gift packaging with zero effort

Rigid collapsible boxes combine luxury, functionality, and economy. Due to their lay-flat construction and intuitive design, this packaging option is easy to store and a cinch to assemble. Customizable design features such as wrapping, labels, and magnetic closures make them equal parts beautiful and practical. Collapsible boxes feature multi-adaptive options that are suitable for a wide range of products.

This packaging choice is made of duplex board and then covered with specialty paperboard to guarantee product protection without sacrificing your unique brand aesthetics. With the capabilities for custom printing, sizes, inserts, coatings, and kitting, there is virtually no limit to what Impak can do with your packaging presentation.

Non-collapsible packages can be costly to ship, especially in large amounts. With Impak’s rigid collapsible boxes, shipping bulk boxes to reduce your overhead and streamline your shipments is easy. Consider this option for product promotion or other mass offerings.

Collapsible and Customizable

Here are just some of the customization options available to our clients who choose this box design:

Unique prints: Adorn your box with your brand logo, product information, and other graphics anywhere on the lid, base, and sides of the box for greater brand visibility.

An array of sizes: These boxes can be custom-made to fit all your product lines. Customizing your packaging to your exact specifications means better optics and less waste.

One-of-a-kind coatings: We can give your box a unique look and feel. UV, embossing, debossing, foil stamping, anti-scratch, and soft-touch coatings add a layer of aesthetic appeal and protection.

Kitting: Our manufacturers offer kitting services for all of our custom product box types. This means your products can conveniently be condensed into custom packages and shipped directly to their end destination.

Minimize Shipping Costs

Non-collapsible rigid styles can be costly to ship around due to how much volume they take, ultimately increasing the number of shipments needed. With foldable rigid boxes shipped flat, you can reduce your costs due to the reduced number of shipments.

Tell a Better Brand Story

The need for aesthetically pleasing yet durable packaging has never been higher. At Impak, we believe you should never have to sacrifice style in favor of function. Protect your goods with our transport-tested boxing options that will make your customers feel like they’ve received something of great value and quality.

Start Your Packaging Journey

Custom collapsible rigid boxes are one of the many ways Impak can curate a premium unboxing experience for your clients. Request a quote today to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Collapsible Rigid Box?

Collapsible rigid boxes are packaging boxes that combine the strength and sturdiness of traditional rigid boxes with a practical and efficient collapsible design. Made of high-quality materials like paperboard or chipboard, they offer excellent protection for products.

These boxes are a great option for businesses that need to transport a large number of boxes to different locations or have limited storage space. Despite their collapsible design, they provide the same level of protection as traditional rigid boxes, keeping products safe and secure during transportation and storage. Customizable printing and finishing options allow businesses to create unique packaging designs that reflect their brand and make them stand out from competitors.

Collapsible rigid boxes are commonly used for high-end products, gift packaging, and other items where a combination of elegance and practicality is desired. The packaging provides a premium look and feel while offering the convenience of space-saving when needed.

Do You Offer Recyclable and Other Sustainable Materials?

Yes, we do offer recyclable and other sustainable materials. Contact us and we can go over sustainable options with you that best fit your project.

What Other Types of Rigid Boxes Do You Offer?

Alternatives to collapsible boxes include two-piece, match (slide), book, magnetic, and other styles.