Custom Magnetic Closure Boxes

Optics are more important than ever. To stand out from the competition, you need your products to make an impactful first impression that captures the essence of your brand. Your product packaging is part of that experience, so it’s important to choose your boxes wisely. Custom magnetic closure boxes are one way to give your customers a premium unboxing experience.

Featuring a strong flip lid with a magnetic catch, these rigid boxes are ideal for packaging smaller items. Fitted with the proper insert, they can securely hold fragile items as well. Custom magnetic closure boxes are equally suited for assembling custom kits and corporate gifting as they are for displaying sets and transporting individual items from the shop to the destination.

Though known for their durability, custom magnetic boxes are quite elegant with their sturdy construction and options that include fully embossed paper wrap, stamped logos, and ribbon pull tabs. Let the designers at Impak Retail show you what’s possible and help you choose the enhancements that meet your shape and size requirements, color and finish preferences, and labeling needs.

Simplicity Meets Chic: Flip Top Rigid Boxes with Magnetic Locks

Impak Retail is your trusted partner in the development of thoughtful, well-executed packaging programs. Our philosophy rests on our belief that the best packaging is simple and sophisticated rather than complicated or contrived. Our goal is to catch the attention of your client base and deliver a captivating unboxing experience upon arrival.

Are Custom Magnetic Closure Boxes Sustainable?

Magnetically closed boxes are durable enough to withstand multiple uses, making them great reusable boxes you can reuse or repurpose.

As it relates to packaging in general, sustainability refers to the sourcing, manufacturing, and shipping of packaging products with as minimal environmental impact as possible. We work with other like-minded manufacturers and shippers who share a commitment to this goal without sacrificing product quality or overengineering. Among our many accreditations, Impak Retail is ISO 9001-certified, a member of How2Recycle™, and an early adopter of poly mailer options such as OceanPoly™.

Give Your Customers an Unforgettable Unboxing Experience

Impak Retail is pleased to offer custom-made packaging boxes that honor our 45-year tradition of delivering world-class design, well-executed logistics, and most importantly– gorgeous products that exceed your expectations.