Creative Packaging Services

When you create your products, you also create assets. Logos. Photography. Copy. The list goes on. These assets are not only necessary for helping your products stand out—they’re also essential for establishing brand identity and authority. And there’s one place you can’t forget to put them: your packaging.

Whether you have your assets and ideas ready to go or you need some help getting them over the finish line, creative packaging services can help. Learn what they are, and why you should use them, here in this short guide.

Impak Retail offers the following creative packaging services for you to use as you desire.

Creative Packaging Concepts and Applications

3D Packaging Product Renderings

Packaging Prototypes and Samples

What Are Custom Creative Packaging Solutions?

Incorporating your brand into your packaging is a process that requires a keen eye, an experienced hand, and more than a bit of creativity. This process is the sole focus of creative packaging services, which use brand assets to make your packages’ presentation as unique and compelling as your brand itself.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Creative Packaging Solutions

The importance of quality, custom packaging can’t be overstated. Likewise, the process of creating it can’t be underestimated. Here are a few reasons you may want to consider partnering with a dedicated company for your creative packaging solutions.

Industry expertise. The best dedicated packaging design partners have decades of experience working on custom packaging for several clients. Their industry expertise can incorporate your creative ideas with minimal friction and optimal execution.

Expert guidance. Whether you have lots of ideas or don’t know where to start, the expert guidance provided by creative packaging partners can help you create the most effective packaging possible—improving on your ideas or revealing new ones to create a better final design.

Expanded possibilities. On the topic of revealing new ideas, dedicated creative partners will likely have the ability to do more with packaging than you could ever do in-house. This gives you the ability to request more, while also giving you access to better implementation across the board.

Improved performance. With an expert design team on your side, your packages will perform better with customers—leading to more brand loyalty and more sales.

Process efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Designing world-class packaging in-house is resource-intensive—and sometimes, not even possible. With a dedicated creative partner, you’ll save your team from work, while also streamlining the pipeline from ideation to design to production: a process that can ultimately save you money.

The Creative Packaging Process: How It Works

Creative packaging solutions happen step-by-step. Here’s a quick breakdown of how the process can unfold.

#1 – Initial consultation. During this first step, you’ll meet with your potential design partner to make introductions, provide a general overview of your creative packaging needs, and get a quote.

#2 – Asset gathering and development. Upon choosing your creative packaging partner, you’ll work closely with them to deliver all assets needed for packaging design. If you’re still creating your assets, or if you’d like to create new ones for packaging specifically, certain partners can help with this.

#3 – Asset implementation. Implementing your assets on your packaging is a process of trial and error, request, and revision. Your design partner will let you know what’s possible and may offer guidance on what’s most effective based on your wants and needs.

#4 – Package design. With creative assets in place, your packaging partner will create final designs for you and your team to review. These designs can be adjusted based on feedback.

#5 – Package prototyping. Once the final designs are approved, your partner will create a prototype. With input from both teams, the prototype can be tested and fine-tuned before moving to production.

How to Choose Your Creative Packaging Partner: Successful Traits to Look For

Making your assets come to life on your product packaging is a major responsibility. You want to be sure you’re choosing the right partner for the job. Here are a few must-have traits to look for.

A track record of success. You want a partner that knows what they’re doing. To make sure that’s what you’re getting, check your potential partner’s portfolio of past work, as well as reviews from past clients. During your initial consultation, ask to see data-driven results from past projects.

A true understanding of your brand. Creative packaging services are centered on your brand. Your partner should have a solid understanding of your brand identity, especially if you are creating new assets together with them. As you move from initial consultation to concept meetings, make sure your partner has done their homework—and that you are both working towards the same vision.

A strong creative team. Solid creative talent is vital in ensuring that all assets are made and implemented flawlessly onto packaging to represent your brand at the highest level. This is especially true if you’re creating all-new assets for your packaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can creative packaging solutions reflect my brand’s values and identity?

Innovative creative packaging solutions are the ultimate differentiator. Not only do they use your assets to reflect your brand identity through imagery, copy, and structural design—but they also help your packaging stand out on the shelves and during unboxings with these same characteristics.

Are there any eco-friendly options for creative packaging solutions?

Yes—our team here at Impak Retail offers an extensive range of eco-friendly implementations to make your packaging as sustainable as possible.

How can creative packaging solutions be used for seasonal or limited-edition products?

Creative packaging solutions are a great way to update your packaging for seasonal offerings or limited-edition products, instilling excitement in your customers and adding legitimacy to your overall product presentation.

Impak Retail: Your Creative Packaging Solutions Partner

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