Packaging Design Services

Do you have a distinct vision for your product packaging? Perhaps you have a few ideas, but you’re not sure how to put them together. And even if you could, do you know who would help you have it made? How can you be assured that the quality of the final product will live up to your standards?

All of these questions can lead to over-thinking and hasty decision-making. The best way to turn your packaging design vision into reality is by partnering with a professional.

We offer the following packaging design services:

Packaging Template Development

Packaging Artwork Proofing

Packaging Production Optimization Evaluations

Unforgettable Custom Packaging Design

Designing the ideal packaging for your product is a process that takes careful consideration, and for the most discerning clients, real expertise. Form and function go hand in hand.

Well-designed packaging presents your products in a way that reflects the essence of your brand and aesthetic. It also houses your products, which will determine the practical design for the containers and the quality of the packaging materials used. If you accomplish these goals with top marks, you will create a memorable unboxing experience for your customers.

Leave Packaging Design & Manufacturing to the Professionals

Here are just some of the benefits of outsourcing your packaging needs:

Expert knowledge of materials.

Design expertise capable of bringing complex ideas to life.

Up-to-date understanding of market trends for successful packaging.

Experienced and innovative guidance to think outside the box and make your ideas even better.

A streamlined conduit to manufacturing and production.

Custom-made Product Packaging From Design to Manufacturing

The design process begins with concept development. Here’s an overview of how it can progress from start to finish.

Concepting and brand application. Once you’ve selected a design partner, you’ll begin working side-by-side to concept your new packaging. This is where your ideas are incorporated, augmented, or altered to create the best possible designs. Application of your branding is also heavily considered in this phase.

Design. The design phase includes not only packaging artwork, but also as it pertains to the package itself. It involves the creative input of both graphic designers and engineers. Your design partner will compile all artistic components and technical elements into a “blueprint” that will define the specifications of the final product.

Artwork proofing and refinements. It is necessary to carefully proof your artwork to avoid errors in production. This is the time to suggest edits and make sure you are happy with the final design.

Product optimization. Your design team must receive a green light on the materials that will be used and the amount required for proper production optimization. In addition to production cost, optimizing the number and size of products will help ensure efficiency in storage and shipping.

Sustainable Packaging. It’s a good idea to choose eco-friendly materials in your packaging when possible. Today’s SCS-certified materials like OceanPoly® and RethinkPoly™ are just as aesthetically pleasing and durable as other options and using them makes a real difference on the world stage. Customers will appreciate the effort, which also says a lot about your brand.

3D Renderings. With the design dialed in, it is time to create 3D renderings. Not only are they your first glimpse at your packaging; but they’re also the place where the heaviest edits can be made. It is well advised to work with a designer who delivers exceptional 3D modeling so you can design in depth.

Prototyping. The last stop before production. A physical prototype is made for viewing and testing. If functional or aesthetic issues are found, adjustments may still be before manufacturing.

Manufacturing. The final step. With designs proofed, revised, and finalized, your custom-designed packaging is ready for production.

How to Choose a Packaging Design Service Provider

Choosing the right designer and manufacturer for your product packaging starts with careful consideration of all of the points above. The company you select must also strike the ideal balance of cost and quality to fit your brand’s needs and budget.

Make sure to choose a patient design partner, listens, provides thoughtful insight, and has the resources and experience to fill this critical piece of your business. Some of the best ways to determine if a potential partner is right for you is to view their portfolio of past work, read their testimonials, and schedule an initial consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do packaging design services help differentiate my product in the market?

Your packaging is a first impression of your product. When your packaging stands out, it gives your products the chance to do the same.

Do packaging design services help with packaging prototypes and mock-ups?

Yes—one of the most crucial packaging design solutions is the creation of mock-ups and prototypes to help your team see designs, make changes, and begin production.

How long does the packaging design process typically take?

Depending on your team’s needs and concepts—as well as your partner’s bandwidth and capabilities—the design process can take anywhere from 1 – 2 weeks to 1 – 2 months.

Partner With Impak Retail for Packaging Design Services

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