Packaging Development Services

You’ve spent so much time and energy making your products perfect. Why shouldn’t you do the same for their packaging? Custom product packaging is not only essential in protecting your products—it’s a great way to catch the eye and showcase your brand as a whole.

At Impak Retail, we provide a comprehensive suite of packaging development services to make your product packaging come to life. Learn more about package development services—what they are and why you should use them—and start developing your ideal packaging with our team today.

Why Packaging Development Services are So Important

Great products deserve an equally great presentation. Like the products themselves, custom-made packaging not only attracts shoppers—it builds brand affinity, too. Of course, custom-developed packages also house your products safely and securely, helping prevent breakage during shipment. Finally, custom-developed packages make for a memorable unboxing experience: an exceptional first impression your customers won’t soon forget.

Impak Retail is an experienced packaging development company, skilled in providing brands with strategy and support in the following areas:

Field Work & Discovery

Material Development & Global Sourcing

Cost Optimization

How We Help You Develop Custom Packaging

Like product development, package development is an in-depth process designed to help brands make their ideas come to life. Here are a few of the steps that can be involved in the process.

Initial client consultation and requirements gathering. All package development services start with an initial consultation to introduce teams and compile an initial quote. From there, more in-depth requirements can be gathered from your business.

Conceptualization and design phase. As you describe your ideal product packaging, the development team will facilitate conception and create design mockups of the packaging.

Material selection and prototyping. Bringing your ideas off the drawing board, the development team will then select materials and create a prototype for you to see and feel.

Manufacturing and production. Once you’ve approved the prototype, the development team will begin manufacturing the first market batch of your packages.

Quality control and testing. To meet your standard of quality, packaging engineering services typically conclude with intensive quality control and testing for durability and unboxing performance. This step typically occurs in parallel with manufacturing.

Key Factors for Successful Custom Packaging Development

Not all custom packaging development services are created equal. If you’re thinking about hiring a package development team for your products, here are a few important elements to consider.

Target audience analysis and market research. To build successful packaging, your development partner needs to understand your products, know your audience, and showcase market research to back up their expertise.

Design considerations for aesthetics and functionality. Successful packaging is a blend of form and function. Your development partner should be considering both style and substance when helping you create your perfect packaging.

Sustainability and eco-friendly packaging solutions. In today’s conscientious market, sustainable packaging is always worth considering. Your development partner should offer options for sustainable, eco-friendly package options to put your brand in the best light possible.

Cost-effective strategies that don’t compromise on quality. Just like great packaging blends form and function, great packaging development partners know how to balance cost and quality. Find one that maximizes both.

What to Look For in a Custom Packaging Development Expert

Before you partner with anyone, it is wise to conduct some research to find the right fit for you. Here are a few great ways to compile your shortlist.

Evaluate experience and portfolio. How long have they been in the business? What does their past work look like?

Assess design capabilities and innovation. Does the design team have the expertise and technology to make your designs come to life? Do they “think outside the box?”

Consider manufacturing capabilities and capacity. Do their facilities have the infrastructure to handle your packaging production needs? How long are their wait times?

Review client testimonials and references. Do they have a track record of success—especially in your particular market? What do their past clients have to say?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is custom packaging development?

Custom packaging development refers to the process of creating custom packages, starting with initial client consultation, research, and development; moving to design, material selection, and prototyping; and culminating in manufacturing, testing, and continued quality control.

How long does the custom packaging development process usually take?

The duration of custom packing development largely depends on the needs of the client and the capabilities of the development partner. Impak Retail strives for efficiency throughout every stage of the process from design and development to production and testing.

What are the cost factors associated with custom packaging development?

The are several factors that can determine the cost of custom packaging development. These include client design requests and timelines, chosen materials and packaging size, order size and testing requirements, and more.

Partner With Impak Retail for Your Custom Packaging Development

At Impak Retail, we’re proud to offer industry-leading custom packaging development as part of our comprehensive suite of custom packaging services. Feeling inspired? Contact our team of experts to learn more and partner with us today.