Packaging Logistics Solutions

At Impak Retail, we believe that high-quality packaging shouldn’t be a headache to produce or a hassle to ship. To that end, we have developed a robust network of domestic and overseas partners, to deliver our products on time.

Whether you’re designing packaging with us from the ground up or making adjustments to a current line, we have the infrastructure you need to optimize your packaging supply chain from start to finish.

Here, we offer an overview of our packaging logistics solutions, including our freight packing and shipping services. We’re ready when you are, so contact us when you want to get started.

Freight Packing and Shipping Services

To get your customized, retail packaging to its final destination, you need a packing and shipping partner you can trust. Whether you’re already working with our team or considering another provider, here are some of the services Impak can facilitate.

Ocean and Air Transport

No matter where you or your manufacturing facilities are based, getting goods from point A to point B is a journey that relies on a well-executed plan. In addition to ground shipping capabilities, your logistics partner should have experience providing safe, efficient, and cost-effective ocean and air packaging transportation services.

International Shipping Services

In today’s global economy, your packaging shipping solutions must have access to an international shipping network. That way, you can optimize the transport of your product at all stages of the supply chain wherever in the world that may be.

Local Delivery Services

Getting your packaging and your products into the right hands often ends with a local packaging delivery. Impak’s expansive logistical reach includes a robust and reliable network of delivery service providers at the local level.

The Benefits of Sound Shipping Logistics

Cost Savings. From cutting down material expenses to securing the best shipping rates, there are several ways a logistics service can save your business money. A truly end-to-end shipping partner can also cut out other intermediaries, keeping larger deals with external partners to a minimum.

Timeline efficiency. From packaging production to product arrival, there are several points where shipping efforts can stall. Having a team committed to finding logistical solutions wherever they occur is the best way to keep your timetables short and consistent.

Seamless integrations. A central point of contact is essential to a smooth supply chain. When too many independent entities converge on the production, shipping, and storage of your packaging, things tend to get overly complicated. Retailers can avoid wasting resources and time when these processes are integrated through a single, dedicated logistics team.

Expert handling and transportation. Experienced freight packers and shipping teams know how to handle products, full stop. This means they know how to keep them safe and pack them optimally. From pallet selection to properly loading and bracing equipment in shipping containers, professional providers pack your products correctly to minimize damage and maximize savings.

Safe and timely deliveries. Professional shipping teams with a sound infrastructure are best equipped to ensure that your products are delivered within a reasonable timeframe.

Fewer mistakes, and more positive reviews. Ever looked online at 0- and 1-star reviews? They frequently don’t have anything to do with products themselves—but rather, shipping and packaging difficulties. By working with a trusted partner to handle your packaging production and logistical services, you’ll build your brand’s reputation with a 5-star standard.

Why Work with Impak Retail?

At Impak Retail, we proudly provide a comprehensive suite of custom packaging services supported by an extensive network of manufacturing facilities, shipping organizations, warehousing, and fulfillment centers. Together with an experienced in-house team, we promise industry-leading reliability and ultra-competitive price points.

Industries Served

Impak Retail serves unique shipping needs across a wide range of industries, including health and beauty, apparel, food and beverage, housewares, fine jewelry, and more.