Packaging Testing Services

For products of all kinds, packaging is both a first impression and a protective solution. From shipping to unboxing, you need it to hold up. But how will you know if it works as advertised? It’s a question many companies have, and the answer lies in packaging testing.

Impact Retail partners with the industry’s top third-party organizations to ensure that our packaging products are tested to the highest durability and quality standards. On this page, you can learn more about packaging testing and why it is so vital to your results.

Our packaging testing services include:

Packaging Test Compliance

Packaging Performance Testing

Pre-Shipping Packaging Inspections

Impak Retail Packaging Quality Control

Damaged packaging can leave a lasting impression and not the one you would like. Product packaging is too important of an investment to have it fall apart post-production.

Impak Retail makes every effort to avoid such an unfortunate outcome by working with leading testing companies that continually maintain the highest global standards for packaging quality and performance.

Here’s how we maintain our high standards and preserve your brand reputation.

Performance Testing With the Industry’s Top Organizations

To ensure that our packaging meets standards set forth by our clients, we work with the industry’s most respected third-party testing and inspection organizations—Bureau Veritas, SGS, and TÜV Rheinland—to maintain the highest standard of quality across all of our packaging products.

Adhering to AQL Standards With Pre-Shipping Inspections

Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL) are used by importers worldwide during inspections for product defects. When you partner with us for product packaging and shipping, we take care of the process for you by adhering to AQL standards with pre-shipping packaging inspections.

Packaging Testing FAQ

What is packaging testing?

Packaging testing refers to a set of inspections and assessments used to determine the structural integrity of a package. The tests themselves can assess both materials and design, as well as durability and overall build quality.

How do I know which packaging testing is appropriate for my product?

Several factors determine which level of packaging testing is appropriate for your product. These include:

The weight of your product.
The end-use and care directions.
The expected environmental conditions during shipping.

When is package testing required by law?

Packaging testing is often required for many pharmaceuticals and other medical products, as well as hazardous items and certain foods. In the United States, check with regulations set forth by the FPLA, PPPA, UPLR, and California Proposition 65 to see if packaging testing is required for your products. Any packaging item developed by Impak Retail will be compliant with California Proposition 65 requirements.

What are some specific examples of performance simulation tests?

In many cases of textile packaging development, abrasion, tear, and tensile strength are tested. Conditions can be outlined per specific protocols from third-party agencies based on factors including size and intended use of products. Additional protocols may be recommended if goods are classified for use by children. Other simulations can involve drop testing to evaluate carton packing and corrugate strength to ensure your packaging products are not damaged in transit.

When would you recommend or require package testing?

We would encourage product packaging performance testing with every new packaging program developed and are happy to provide customers with construction samples for review at distribution centers.

Does Impak Retail conduct package testing?

At Impak Retail, we do not conduct package testing ourselves. Instead, we work with reputable third-party organizations—Bureau Veritas, SGS, and TÜV Rheinland—to ensure that our products are tested to the highest industry and customer-specific standards.

Impak, the Specialty Packaging Expert

Impak Retail has built our success on core values of innovation, collaboration, adaptability, integrity, and accountability. Testing our products is integral to maintaining those beliefs and delivering custom packaging products we all can be proud of. For more information, contact our team of experts today.